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    How do you say Vera?

    Options in the poll above. While we're at it, what are you're thoughts on the name? I'm really loving the sound of VARE-ah/VAIR-ah, but not so much VEER-ah (I'm not sure I like how Vera looks, either). I've never really thought that Vera was my thing, but I do love the VAIR-ah sound, and am sort of playing around with it, seeing if I find something that appeals. Vera as a MN, maybe, or Verity nn Vera...

    Thanks, ladies!
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    I instinctively say veer-ah because of Vera Bradley but I prefer more so the Vair-ah pronunciation because I'm a Latinist and I think of veritas. So the "ver" in "very" sound. Beautiful name.

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    I automatically say VEER-a. If I knew it was a nickname for Verity, however, I'd probably say VEH-ra, closer to the pronunciation you like.

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    I say it Veer-ah. If you like the Vair-ah sound what about Farrah?

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    Lol wow... At first I thought this was such an obvious question, then i started thinking about it!
    I say closer to 'veer-a' most of the time but do say it the other way too.
    If you like the shorter e sound I would still use it if you can know/accept that some people will draw out the first syllable, even if you don't.
    Just thinking of my mom (her accent is very confused), i KNOW she'd say it one way and be absolutely unable to change the way she said it. That sort of thing would annoy me since she is such a close relative and likely using the name often. If she had a more perceptive ear to pick up on the difference, it wouldn't bother me (assuming I did have only one preferred pronunciation, which I guess I don't for Vera!)

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