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    Help with naming #5

    I am expecting our fifth child in January, too soon to tell if it is a boy or girl. We are stumped for a little girls name though. Our other children are John, Thomas, Isla & Freya (twins). If we have a boy his name will be Edward (Ted) after a family member. Our list right now is all over the place. We are considering(in no particular order):

    Feedback and suggestions are most welcome!

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    I think Hazel would work the best with your sib set.

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    Lovely names! I quite like Vesper because it makes me think of choral singing (vespers). I've always liked Coraline because of the book, and I think Cora is a lovely nickname. I think I'm more of a Laura fan than Laurel. Hazel and Elin are both sweet, pretty and vintage-y. Ottilie looks lovely - I'm a huge fan of French names - how will you pronounce it? I think Greta fits in really well with your other names, esp. Isla and Freya.
    Best of luck!

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    You've got a lovely sibset so far.

    Ottilie fits best in your sibset, esp with the twins.
    I also like Vesper and Hazel. Coraline's nice, but a bit too long and frilly next to your other children's names. Greta sounds a bit harsh in comparison with the soft sounds of Isla and Freya. And Laurel and Elin are too close to Lauren and Erin & Ellen - which are either out-dated, or a bit drab in comparison with the rest of your sibset.
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    Thanks for the feedback!

    @tuppence42 - we are planning on pronouncing Ottilie augh-tuh-lee

    I was also wondering if any of you met a child named Vesper or Coraline would you think it is tacky because of the associations with pop culture (James Bond and the book/movie Coraline) ?

    Thanks so much!

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