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  • Caroline Mae Modesto

    23 33.82%
  • Emmeline Grace Modesto

    23 33.82%
  • Madeleine Grace Modesto

    12 17.65%
  • Madeleine Mae Modesto

    9 13.24%
  • Serafina Bryn Modesto

    11 16.18%
  • Cecilia Mae Modesto

    34 50.00%
  • Adeline Mae Modesto

    20 29.41%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I dislike mn Mae, and find Grace overused. So I'm a rare voter for Serafina Bryn. To me it's balanced nicely and for a one-syllable mn (which seems to be what you prefer) Bryn's got some oomph.

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    I voted for Caroline Mae, Madeleine Grace, Emmeline Grace, and Adeline Mae. Love them all! Adeline and Emmeline are probably my favorites, but I really, really love Madeleine and Caroline, too. I really don't think you could go wrong with any of these, though!
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    I like Madeleine Mae cause I imagine a little Maddie-Mae!!!! gorgeous!!

    Caroline Mae Modesto I personally don't like Caroline much, seems boring to me.
    Emmeline Grace Modesto nn Emmy or Emmy-Grace would be just precious. Grace is very over done- but there's a reason, it's awesome.
    Madeleine Grace Modesto Seems like a comfortable familiar name, not quirky but just nice but probably used before.
    Madeleine Mae Modesto Lots of "m"s but I still love the nn Maddie-Mae
    Serafina Bryn Modesto I like Seraphina, I like Brynn but not together. Serafina Mae, Serafina Grace. Other ideas: Serafina Joy, Serafina Pearl
    Cecilia Mae Modesto -taught one, know an adult- just a very frilly name not to my personal taste. Tricky to make a nn I like.
    Adeline Mae Modesto- I like Adeline, especially Addie-Mae. My main problem is will it be misheard as Madeline?

    Anther idea: Seraphine rather than Serafina. Based on the sounds you like: Celine, Serena or Selena.
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    Cecilia Mae is my favorite but I also like Caroline and Adeline.

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    Cecilia Mae is lovely!

    I also like;
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