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    Oh my goodness! Sorry to be inattentive. Thank you for the very helpful replies Otter & Dindlee.

    O: I love your descriptions. I read them to DH and I believe the whole "earthy roast potatoes and candlelit dinners" thing helped him come around to Beatrix Rosemary. Manipulation by positive food associations.. I must remember that. I pronounce Acacia "uhKAYshuh" but I know what you mean about the R-ending. My English friend sometimes calls me Emmer. You gave me good reasons to nix Celia and Marguerite and Harriet (I love Harriet, but Bea & Harriet together are two weird sisters in a house full of dusty lampshades.) Wylie Dufresne eh? Word to the wise: go somewhere really swell like Jean Georges or Gramercy Tavern if I you want to blow $200 on dinner in NYC. At WD50 you'll get a deconstructed hotdog with tamarind foam, nori marmalade, and a stomach ache. But I digress. Glad you're loving Nettle and Sibylla. Aren't they dreamy? Hubs is on the fence.

    D: Beatrix Acacia... I know, I love all the crunchy crackly sounds in this one, but it's off the table now because of the initials. Maybe someone out there will use it. Glad you like Imogen Síle. She's pulling ahead. Isn't it funny how a name can completely transform with a spelling that gives it a little mystery? Sheila doesn't do much for me, but Síle! Thanks Dindin. And no way are you a boring namer. All of your names are lovely, even the more common ones. Zoeeee!

    So, I'm going to close up shop for the moment, because my original post is a little hard to follow and I need to sit on these names for a bit. DH would like to cut the Bette/Ginger list down to:

    Beatrix Rosemary
    Beatrix Wylie
    Imogen Solace
    Imogen Dear
    Imogen Síle

    But I'm also holding onto
    Imogen Nettle and Imogen Sibylla.

    I do wonder if Imogen Nettle is overly botanical, w/nn Ginger, and with last name which is botanical in a way (that's also why Rosemary wouldn't get used as a first name.) Is Sibylla too elaborate? Well whatever. It's only three syllables for Pete's sake!

    In another life, I'd have 5 kids. A set of twins so I'd be spared name-eliminations (an awful reason to hope for an inherently riskier pregnancy!) and three adopted kids:
    Crispin and Mab - mns honoring father
    Vincent- mn honoring husband's fam
    Imogen (Ginger) and Beatrix (Bette) - mns honoring mother.

    Thanks again everyone!

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