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    Thanks Sansamama. Emmeline would be nice, but it's been used. Elin is quite beautiful. It doesn't scream Meline to me, but I love it anyway. Better with Beatrix perhaps, because it runs together with Imogen. Beatrix Elin mmm.
    Funny I don't think of Rosemary as a "rose name" at all at all. It's strictly herbal to me. Wiley is weird. I'll keep it around, but DH is bonkers. Wylie?

    Beatrix Marguerite
    Beatrix Harriet

    Beatrix Wiley

    Beatrix Winifred (no reason, just pretty and Welsh and I love the saint’s story)
    Beatrix Endellion (BEG initials :-/)

    Honoring mother:
    Beatrix Alexandra (I like this. Somehow Alexandra is more palatable to me next to Beatrix. But initials would be BAG.)
    Beatrix Mallow
    Beatrix Nettle
    Beatrix Quince
    Beatrix Salvia
    Beatrix Verbena
    Beatrix Acacia
    Beatrix Thistle
    Beatrix Rosemary
    Imogen Rosemary

    I forgot about my great granny Sheila, beloved by my mother.
    Imogen Síle (prn like Sheila, but a bit more graceful imo)
    Imogen Celia (Shakespeare overload?)
    Imogen Selah (“SEElah” A bit heavily Biblical - used in Psalms, to indicate a musical pause - but I love the meaning, "stop and listen.")

    More of a stretch, sort of sort of close to Sheila?:
    Imogen Shirley (kind of lovely with our last name, means “bright clearing” and I like that it sounds like “surely.” Too Shirley Temple? Yes probably.)
    Imogen Sibylla (“sibEElah” is closer Sheila, though I love the “ziBUYlah” prn too. great meaning and history)

    Imogen Solace
    Imogen Constance

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    Liking the nickname, ha. Beatrix Elin sounds great. Very princessy, but with a backbone. Rosemary does have that herbal feel too, but Rose is smack in the beginning, so my eyes gravitate to it. Granted, Rose-esque monikers I'm becoming more neutral to these days. Sort of like Rosalia, from the ole family tree, but I just don't see it as "my daughter."

    Wylie seems more palatable to me, less Wile E. Coyote.

    Love Winnifred. Very happy though, to see someone else who likes Endellion (everyone thinks I'm odd for digging it, so far, but it has this mystical feel to it that I adore). Initials are tough. Can't do much in the way of vowel middle names with mine, spells too many words.

    Of the possibilities I like:
    Beatrix Alexandra
    Beatrix Quince (I think Quince is neat, not sold on the flow though)
    Beatrix Verbena
    Beatrix Acacia
    Beatrix Thistle
    Imogen Celia
    Imogen Shirley (I'd think more Shirley Manson a la the band Garbage, but I love her, so that's fine)
    Imogen Sibylla
    Imogen Solace
    Imogen Constance
    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    Mami-San, thanks again. You're right about Quince. "Icks and "ince" together is a tongue-twister. Glad you like Winifred. Endellion is stolen from Blade. It's got such a sinewy, curling sound, strong and evocative and Welsh. But I think the initials are a deal-breaker.

    Some revisions.

    Honoring mother:
    Beatrix Alexandra * (but BAG initials)
    Beatrix Acacia (again)
    Beatrix Nettle
    Beatrix Verbena *
    Beatrix Rosemary
    Imogen Rosemary (I love Rosemary, but not sure she's quite as strong as a middle name)
    Imogen Nettle *

    Imogen Síle * ("SHEElah")
    Imogen Celia *
    Imogen Sibylla * ("sibEElah")

    Honoring other family:
    Beatrix Marguerite
    Beatrix Harriet (shares initials w/my brother, Harriet from father's Henry)
    Beatrix Wiley, Beatrix Wylie
    Imogen Dear *

    Not honoring anyone (though Beatrix does share Alexandra's X..):
    Beatrix Winifred
    Beatrix Imogen (I like the BIG initials)
    Imogen Beatrix
    Imogen Solace *
    Imogen Constance (too buttoned-up?)

    Beatrix Verbena is really floating my boat. And I think the Sheila-inspired Imogen combos have promise. Stinging nettle is an important plant in my family, so Imogen Nettle is on the table. Hubs is digging Wiley.

    Anyone else have insight for me about this list?

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    Good names, not that I'm surprised! I'll star my favourites.

    Beatrix Alexandra - Love this, would also like Beatrix Alexa. I love the repeating x's. I don't mind the bag initials, maybe because I'm a bag junkie. The only thing is that this is a very proper and serious name combo next to your other more playful ones. I can almost picture a 18th century painting.
    Beatrix Acacia* - Lovely, but it depends on how you pronounce Acacia? When I say this word I get a very prominent r-sound at the end. It does give me some amazing imagery; bunnies and little Bea jumping around the acacia trees...
    Beatrix Nettle* - Nettle is cute, love me some nettles. I love the stingy-ness after Beatrix, it feels very cottage English to me. You know, Beatrix in her garden gloves picking nettles for the soup.
    Beatrix Verbena - For some reason I'm having a hard time saying this one. I kind of need to pause between the two names. But it looks divine.
    Beatrix Rosemary* - Beautiful, Rosemary is a real treasure of a name. It feels so earthy and delicious, like roast potatoes and candlelit dinners.

    Imogen Rosemary - I like this very much, Imogen and Rosemary make a playful combo, tree climbing and finger painting.
    Imogen Nettle* - Teehee, this is gorgeous. I think it even beats out Imogen Dear for me. Imogen Nettle is definitely a garden girl, you'll need to have lots of plants and herbs in your windowsills and on the balcony for her to get her green fingers going.

    Imogen Síle - This is beautiful and oh, so fun! Feels very much like you, but I prefer Nettle up there.
    Imogen Celia - I like it, Celia is gorgeous and easy to say. I do see Shakespeare immediately though.
    Imogen Sibylla* - ooh, it's between this and Nettle of the Imogen combos for me. This is truly divine.

    Honoring other family:
    Beatrix Marguerite - I think this is too many buttons on the fancy boots. Or maybe it's just that I dislike Marguerite?
    Beatrix Harriet - Cute and sassy, but that's all. You've got better ones.
    Beatrix Wiley, Beatrix Wylie* - I like this! Makes me think of Wylie Dufresne; his restaurant is a must go to when I'm in NY. Beatrix Wylie is truly precious.
    Imogen Dear* - Obviously a great one, I really love this name so very much. A beautiful combo.

    Beatrix Winifred - Sweet and lovely. Definitely seeing the bunnies in this one.
    Beatrix Imogen - I don't think you should banish your beloved Imogen to the middle, but it is pretty.
    Imogen Beatrix - Ehm, British much? I thought your man didn't like names that sounded too English and this screams The Sunday Times to me.
    Imogen Solace* - Oooooh I had forgotten about this one. Solace is a beautiful and word, and matches adorable Imogen perfectly. Playful and fun.
    Imogen Constance - Buttons on the shoes, but not as many as Trixie Marg up there. It's beautiful, but again feel very much like a English tea party to me. Feels like it might not go down to well with you hub?

    Why can't you use Rosemary as a first? Did I miss something? Crispin, Imogen & Rosemary? Imogen, Mab & Rosemary?
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    I'm really liking:

    Beatrix Alexandra. I'm usually not a fan of Beatrix and have this weird aversion to x's in girls' names (strange, I know), but I like this one.

    Beatrix Acacia- my favorite of your Beatrix combos. I know a little girl named Acacia and she so wild and free and precious so it brings up all sorts of good images for me when I hear it.

    Imogen Síle- wow. Absolutely beautiful. I love the way they look together. Truly lovely and soft.

    Lovely, lovely names emmabobemma I almost don't want to respond because I have nothing productive to offer. Sometimes I feel like a boring namer
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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