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    birth-order bewilderment

    I've got problems.

    Our top boy name is Crispin, Y middle name, with nn Cy. There's also Vincent, but he's strictly younger brother material. If we have two boys, there's no problem.
    Our two girl names are neck-and-neck - Imogen Dear (nn Ginger) and Mab Margaret. Imogen shares a namesake with Crispin (my grandmother Christine aka "Dear") It seems odd to me to have two children named after the same relative, and Imogen and Crispin are a bit rhymey, so I'm unsure about these two as a pair. Seems to me they'd work in a three-kid family, but as a pair they're maybe too matchy.

    As it stands, if I were to give birth to an Imogen/Ginger and adopt a second girl (I may be starting ttc late) that adopted daughter would be named Mab (if she were young enough to be renamed.) I love Mab, but it strikes me as a lot of otherness to put on an adopted kid. DH disagrees, citing the Mercutio speech about Mab being "the fairies' midwife," riding in a hazelnut chariot drawn by sprites, filling people's heads with dreams and desires. He thinks the name could be a link to the magical aspect of adoption, the child being this precious, dreamed-of gift from a mostly unknown source. I'm not so sure about his romantic notions.

    What if.... a third girl's name were thrown into the mix?
    Beatrix, nickname Bette (prn "Betty") I have always loved Bette but never thought of it for a child of my own. Beatrix may be a bit trendier than my other choices (in the USA) but it's a great name. It feels warm and familiar to me. My mother would be overjoyed about a Beatrix.

    Ginger, Bette, Cy, Vinny... vintage nickname heaven.

    Mab and Imogen?
    Mab and Crispin?
    Crispin and Beatrix? or Crispin and Mab?
    Beatrix and Imogen? (though if we had a boy after Beatrix, we'd be left without Imogen OR Mab, which might break my heart)
    Beatrix and Crispin? ....Not too shabby, but... NO IMOGEN/GINGER?

    Basically, my questions are:
    I can't use Imogen first, can I?
    Do you think it's odd to have different criteria for an adopted child's name?
    What are you're favorite pairings of these four names? (excluding Vincent) G/G, B/G, and G/B.
    What do you think of Beatrix? In general? In my sibset?
    I need a middle for Beatrix that's Margaret/Maggie-related, or just Margaret/Maggie.
    Any other brilliant suggestions?

    Confused? I know I am. Thanks for reading, beautiful Berries!

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    Beatrix & Mab or Mab & Beatrix for girls
    So for B/G the boy is Crispin nn Cy? Maybe Mab works best? I don't think it matters who comes first.
    Imogen & Crispin are too rhymey for me. Would they always be Cy & Ginnie?
    I think all of the names work together so just use them in whichever order. If I were to be working from this list I would pick Vincent over Crispin and rank the girls name in this order; Mab, Beatrix, Imogen.
    The adopted child thing I don't think matters. Any of the names work & don't feel so drastically different.

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    Really? Beatrix and Mab! Thanks Taz. It's hard to know which names work next to magical Mab. I was imagining I. & C. for their Shakespearean flavor, but I can see why Mab and Beatrix work with the two Bs. Imogen and Crispin would be Ginger and Cy... I don't know how often they'd go by nicknames. Depends on what sticks I suppose. Maybe half or most of the time?
    Thanks for your help.

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    I think all your names are charming! I don't see anything wrong with the pairing of Imogen and Crispin, they don't strike me as overly matchy. I think so long as the daughter you adopt (if you do) is under 18months there isn't anything wrong with the name Mab for her. I personally prefer Vincent to Crispin but I like your girls names in the order you listed: Imogen, Mab and then Beatrix.

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    Personally, I would choose Vincent over Crispin any day. And I would rank the girl names Beatrix, Imogen, and then Mab. To each their own I guess! I also like PP's mistake nickname, Ginnie, a lot better than your choice Ginger. Ginger reminds me of the Spice Girls. Haha! I like a lot of these names, but I don't think they're great as a sibset.

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