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    You do give that cosy vibe, Emma; corduroy, apple cake, hot chocolate, home baked bread, flowercrowns and picnics. Good things!

    I actually changed my mind about Beatrix. The bunnies... going crazy fast on the swings and potting flowers indoors with lots of soil on the floor.

    I like Imogen Xenia, Imogen Melie/Melia, Imogen Rosebay, Imogen Willemijn (too Dutch?), Imogen Roxana.
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    Would Imogen Xanthe be too over the top? If you are looking for X names, that was the first one to come to mind.

    My daughter is Beatrix Helen Lucille, so that's my bias. I also considered Imogen, though, and Betty unrelated to Beatrix.
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    Imogen Xanthe
    Imogen Xiomara
    Imogen Calixta
    Imogen Nyx
    Imogen Axelle
    Imogen Xeline
    Imogen Xara

    Imogen Carmella
    Imogen Amelia
    Imogen Melusine
    Imogen Melania
    **though, granted a lot of these don't have the best flow due the dual M sounds from Imogen and the middle name

    William related:
    Imogen Priscilla (the illa from William related names)
    Imogen Cecilla
    Imogen Illaria (if you don't mind alliteration) or Imogen Illyria
    Imogen Hilary (il sound)
    Imogen Pilar
    Imogen Milla
    Imogen Romilly
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    Ottar of roses: Thank you dear. I'd go for Xenia, Rosebay, or Roxana in a heartbeat, but they're not appealing to hubs. Who knows what his criteria are. Willemijn made husband think of Wiley. Oh dear.

    Mcdonak1: I love your daughter's name! It's regal, yet light and silvery. Looks like we have some similar taste, though yours is probably more classic. I have a slight weirdo naming streak. I'll cast my vote with Daphne for your future daughter - so gorgeous with Beatrix. Xanthe is cool, but unfortunately it makes me think of xantham gum.

    Sansa (again! thank you): Wow, I hadn't realized how cold and aggressive the letter X can be. Thank you for hunting those down, but they're all too ice-queen. Meline is a tough one.. Of your William suggestions, I love Pilar, but it's too far from William. Would be beautiful with Imogen though... Romilly made me think of Millay (as in Edna St Vincent, who I love) but DH isn't into that one either.

    So we have:

    Mab Margaret
    Crispin Yew
    Vincent Marsh

    Beatrix Marguerite (if no Mab Margaret)
    Beatrix Maggie (a bit informal, but a direct way to honor the Margaret who goes by Maggie.)
    Beatrix Harriet
    Beatrix Rosemary
    Beatrix Wiley (DH's suggestion, which seems totally incongruous with these names, but I give him points for creativity.. Wiley from William. Wiley tricks?)

    Imogen Rosemary
    Imogen Beatrix
    Imogen Vim ("in-vim" hm... No.)
    Imogen Wiley (oy vey)
    Imogen Solace - the old winner, swept under the rug after my best friend gave it the eyebrow. I just love Imogen Solace, but it doesn't honor family. I'd like to find a name as magical as Solace that also honors family, but dunno if that's possible.

    What do you think? Thanks again everyone.

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    Some more thoughts for Meline:

    Lena (pron. lee-nuh)
    Emmeline (pron. em-may-leen)

    For Beatrix I am liking all of them generally, though Rosemary not so much (not a big Rose name person). Wiley is different, but it's growing on me. Imogen-wise, I agree Vim sounds not quite right there. Beatrix with it works, and either Solace or Wiley could be cool.

    I'm not big on honoring family so it's kind of hard for me to say whether I'd put bigger importance on doing that with a name or going with a choice that appeals to your whimsy.
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