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    Favorite pairings:
    G/G: Mab & Beatrix
    B/G: Crispin & Beatrix
    B/B: Crispin & Vincent

    Beatrix is lovely, and I think it works with your other names, which I also love (all of them). For middles... my favorite would be Margo, Margreta, or Marguerite.

    By the way, I am really loving Mab after your question. Kind of tempted to consider it for myself. :/
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    Ajh: Thank you! It's nice to hear that you think Mab wouldn't be over-the-top for an adopted daughter. I think Crispin will probably keep his footing as the older brother name, because it's got special family significance. And thanks for ranking the girls' names.

    Kathryn: Hm.. another vote for Vincent before Crispin... Don't think it's going to fly, but thanks. If I had a Beatrix and an Imogen I'd have a Bette and a Ginger! Eeek! Fun fun fun. Ginger doesn't get enough love around here. I associate her with Ginger Rogers, and I'm a huge Fred and Ginger fan. She's all pin-curls and tap shoes to me, not Spice Girls.

    Sansa: Thank you for the compliment. You're welcome to use Mab, just keep it on the DL. ;-) Crispin and Beatrix are pretty fabulous and zesty together, I must admit. If I were to use Mab and Beatrix together, Mab would get Margaret as a middle name. I like the alliteration. So a Beatrix Marguerite would only work as a sister to Imogen or Crispin...

    Anyone want to suggest other middles for Beatrix? Family names to draw from: Alexandra, Christine, Henry, Meline, Martin. Or something related to gardens (mother is a gardener.) Unusual herbal/botanical names might fit... along the lines of Artemisia, Rosemary, Acantha, Acacia
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    -Alexia / Alexie
    -Alexandrine / Alexandrina*
    * [favorite option for your style]

    -Christiana / Cristiane

    -Henrietta / Henriette



    -Linnea (similar to Carolus Linneaus, a monk into botany and taxonomy)
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    Emmsie, love your threads!

    About I & Cy; I think Imogen & Crispin would make fabulous sister and brother. I really love them together, and it's what I see as your children in the future (and little Mab too of course). You and your husband look like Cy & Ginger parents.

    About Mab & adoption; I don't think your husband is wrong, I see it as a very special and meaningful and magical name to bestow upon an adopted little girl. But I do see what you mean as well.

    As far as not being able to name your first born Imogen... Emms, c'mon. She'll be born and she'll have Ims written all over her face! If not she'll be a Mab (although I do really see this as the adorable little sister crying because she wants to start school when Ginger does).

    Beatrix is beautiful, but it's not as wonderfully quirky as the others. I can picture you, hubs, Imogen, Mab and Cy out in the forest picking berries, riding your bikes in Prospect Park, making apple cake in the kitchen. They're all wearing corduroy and head scarves, and feather crowns chasing each other around the sitting room. Beatrix sits on the sofa with her perfect little lace gloves, trying not to get dirty.
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    Sansa: Thank you! Beatrix Rosemary and Beatrix Harriet are serious contenders. I quite like Linnea as a way to honor my mother, but husband isn't having it. There's a William on his side- we could go straight to Beatrix Wilhelmina for a full-on Dutch queen ripoff, but that's a bit much. Really madly loving Rosemary and Harriet though... I'm going to let those steep in my mind a bit.

    Otterpup: Your fantasy of my future family sounds like something out of a Wes Anderson movie. Yes, you've got us pegged - we're big corduroy-wearers. I just had a chair reupholstered in ginger corduroy. Do I give off a corduroy vibe?
    Not sure I agree with you about a fussy Beatrix in lace gloves. I see her as playful but strong. I like that Beatrix contains "be" and "tricks!" I see Beatrix as a little gum-snapping fast-talking smartypants, with pet rabbits of course. I think you're probably right about Mab being a younger sister. I know the mythical Mab is supposed to be lithe and long but I imagine a Mab being this round rosy little bundle of joy. Thanks for the reassurance about Imogen.

    Another option (thanks for humoring me folks) is to come up with an alternate middle for Imogen that honors someone on my mother's side, or from my husband's family. Dear and Margaret are both from my paternal line. I hate to get rid of Dear because it's sentimental, but it always gets mixed reviews... and doing so would clear the way for Crispin.

    Middles for Imogen, honoring mother or husband's family:

    Other interesting botanicals...
    Something Alexandra-related.
    Beatrix? Beatrix shares Alexandra's X.. and my mother has a thing for B. Potter. DH says that together Imogen and Beatrix sound too British/proper.
    But something X-heavy might work, because it's my mother's favorite letter.
    Something Meline-related. But Meline/Melinda/Melisande probably won't work- too N-heavy with Imogen and last name.
    Something William-related. This is tough- I'm not wild about Imogen Willow, Willa, Wilda, Billie, or Wilhelmina.
    Tough customer here.

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