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    (A Letter to) Elise- The Cure
    (Dear) Prudence- The Beatles
    (Dear) Rosemary- Foo Fighters
    (Dizzy Miss) Lizzy- The Beatles (Cover)
    (Hey There) Delilah- Plain White Ts
    (Lovely) Rita- The Beatles
    (My) Sharona- The Knack
    (Sexy) Sadie- The Beatles
    Anna- The Beatles (Cover)
    Belle- Jack Johnson
    Beth- Kiss
    Billie Jean- Michael Jackson
    Caroline (Yes)- The Kaiserchiefs
    Eleanor (Put You Boots On)- Franz Ferdinand
    Eleanor (Rigby)- The Beatles
    Henrietta- The Fratellis
    Jacqueline- Franz Ferdiannd
    Julia- The Beatles
    Katherine (Kiss Me)- Franz Ferdinand
    Kathy('s Song)- Simon & Garfunkel
    Kayleigh- Marillion
    Lady Madonna- The Beatles
    Layla- Cream
    Lola- The Kinks
    Lucy (in the Sky with Diamonds)- The Beatles
    Lyla- Oasis
    Lynsey (L Wells)- Franz Ferdinand
    Maggie Mae- The Beatles
    Martha (My Dear)- The Beatles
    Michelle- The Beatles
    Rosanna- Toto
    Ruby (Love)- Cat Stevens
    Ruby- The Kaiserchiefs
    Sarah- Thin Lizzy
    Valerie- The Zutons
    Married to a wonderful man & pregnant with our first child

    Lilith - Vesper - Willow - Lark - Viola - Rosalie - Meredith - Layla - Amy - Phoebe - Bethany - Eliora
    Zachary - Ash - Frost - Axel - Marshall - Raphael - Malachi - Rowan - Harvey - Monroe - Griffin - Briar

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