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    James Whitney is less girl to me and more a surname. I personally think for middle name a lot of things work that wouldn't work for a first name.
    Malcolm Hayes Did I mention I love both James and Malcolm as names? Very classic, Shakespearean, and classy. Malcolm Hayes sounds again though first and last name. But it could a family name or random
    Lindsey Aloysius I don't like Lindsey on a boy, but then again it's more dated than anything else. It's like Ashley. It's more common for girls but I also see it as an "of the moment" name and that moment has passed. The middle name is not my style.
    Jasper Niall Jasper is cute. Niall is also not my style. I forget how to pronounce it.
    Morgan Escher Escher is the coolest middle name on this list. It makes me think of M. C. Escher. I think it could work for a boy. I think Morgan works better for a boy than a girl today.
    Oliver Darcy is totally dashing! I love it! favorite on this list.

    I like most of your combos and the direction your heading in. The only one I don't like at all is Lindsey Aloysius. Good Luck!

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    I love Malcolm Hayes... Very classic.
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    James Whitney- the names don't do much for me on their own, but I like how the traditional James grounds the combo while more unexpected Whitney makes it stand out
    Malcolm Hayes- the Macbeth association makes Malcolm seem too bloody for me to consider it a usable name. Hayes is nice but doesn't have that "spark"
    Lindsey Aloysius- I never liked Lindsey because of the hard consonant cluster in the middle, but Aloysius is wonderfully quirky and sophisticated at the same time
    Jasper Niall- okay, but doesn't give me any particular good or bad vibes
    Morgan Escher- I picture someone intellectual and quiet. Escher also makes me think of M.C. Escher
    Oliver Darcy- so handsome, very upper-class-British. And I love the connection to Mr. Darcy! my favourite from your list
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