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    Georgia or Rosalie?

    Hey guys! Jason and I have narrowed down little lady's name to either Georgia or Rosalie. We love both of them very very very much we just don't know which one to use. We like the idea of having a little Rosie, but Jason really adores having the idea of having a little Georgia. Another thing about using Georgia, is she has an older sister name Charlotte and I don't want it to see too southern-y/match-y. But I could be over thinking things which as been constant throughout this pregnancy. Which one sounds better with siblings Truman Reed, Delaney Katherine, Charlotte Elisa, and Hallie Jane? The middle name options for the little lady are Beth, Penelope, Christine, and Caroline or if you any other variants that honor either of these as they are family names will work too. Just to mention if you didn't know, little lady's twin brother's name is Spencer (his middle name is yet to be determined but it is between Jay and Troy) Thanks a bunch!
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    Georgia Rosalie is adorable, but of the middle names you listed I would go with Georgia Caroline.

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    I would choose Georgia Penelope and I wouldn't worry about having a Charlotte and Georgia (Charlotte was a girls name before the place). I like Caroline but it's a form Charles as is Charlotte so it's a bit repetitive. I love Rosalie but it's too similar to Hallie.
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    Georgia and Rosalie are absolutely gorgeous! You can't go wrong with either Georgia Rosalie is precious, as the pp suggested.

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