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Thread: This or that

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    Lily - Eliza - Isabelle - Rose - Margaret - Coraline - Emilia - Hazel
    Oliver - Simon - Jasper - Theodore - Henry - Leopold - Ezra - Jack

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    OTTILIE or Constance
    Carolyn or CAROLINE
    JUSTINA or talita (don't like either much actually...)
    EMMA or Molly
    Lucy or ANNA
    Holly or TILLY (but would prefer it to be a nn for some longer name)
    JULIET or Isabelle (isobel gets my vote tho)
    Kristina or RHIANNON
    Kay or WENDY
    PHOEBE or Melanie
    Rosie or GEMMA (as full name, but i really like Rose)
    Laura or REBECCA
    Lauren or ZOE
    TIERNEY or Rosanna
    CHARLOTTE or Sophia
    TILDA or Marta (prefer Tilda as nn for matilda)
    FRANCESCA or Mariella
    Victorine or CECELIA (Victoria would have gotten the vote)
    Mary or HARRIET
    Louise or ALISON (not by much... Eloise and we're talking. Allison is better with two L's)
    IRENE or Jemima (little racially charged for living in the south)
    Ashleigh or GEORGIA (but not if I still lived in the state)
    SABRINA or Natasha (I'd use nn brie. Natasha was close though, I'd almost exclusively use Tasha for it tho)
    MARA or Darcie
    Rachel or DIANA
    TABITHA or Esther (don't mind it pronounced es-ter but not the th sound)
    ANNEKA or Freya
    Ela or POPPY (neither seem like full names, but don't know if that's e-la or Ella. Ella two l's would win)
    AMY or Carol
    CARLA or Shauna (would prefer siobhan, or however it's spelled)

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    Juliet, Willow, Camilla, Luna, Genevieve, Lorelai, Clarice, Emmeline, Isla, Eloise, Amelia, Mabel, Aurelia, Lumina, Lavender

    Declan, Camden, Leo, Luca, Oliver, Rhys, Griffin, Milo, Yves, Rémy, Theo, Jasper, Gavin, Anders, Félix, Ollivander, Maxim

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    Ottilie or Constance - Both are great but Constance is an underused Puritan name.
    Carolyn or Caroline - Caroline is elegant. Carolyn is her plain stepsister. No comparion.
    Justina or Talita - Justina for its historic depth.
    Emma or Molly - This was tough but went with Emma for its literary style.
    Lucy or Anna - Both are wonderful but I like the spunky Lucy slightly more than the classic Anna.
    Holly or Tilly - Holly is a bright nature name. Tilly is cute for a girls' nickname but would sound silly as a first name for a grown woman.
    Juliet or Isabelle - Since I prefer the Isabel spelling, I'll choose the Shakespearean Juliet.
    Kristina or Rhiannon - I'm going with the Welsh Rhiannon for its mythological association. I don't like Kristina with a "K".
    Kay or Wendy - Kay for the Arthurian connection (even though he was a guy! ).
    Phoebe or Melanie - Phoebe for its Greek origin.
    Rosie or Gemma - Gemma has more bite!
    Laura or Rebecca - Laura is an old name that still sounds fine after all these years! Rebecca is more girly.
    Lauren or Zoe - give me the spunky Zoe any time.
    Tierney or Rosanna - Rosanna is pretty. Tierney sounds too similar to the word "tyranny".
    Charlotte or Sophia - I love Charlotte. I've always preferred the French version Sophie to the more frilly Sophia.
    Tilda or Marta - I knew a Marta who was of Ukrainian heritage. Tilda just looks like the "Ma" was chopped off the front of it!
    Francesca or Mariella - Francesca is lush and exotic.
    Victorine or Cecelia - I prefer Cecilia spelling.
    Mary or Harriet - I love both names but Mary wins in the end. I do prefer the nn Hattie to the longer Harriet.
    Louise or Alison - Both Louise and Louisa are family names for me.
    Irene or Jemima - I love both names but Irene was the name of my grandmother.
    Ashleigh or Georgia - I like the spunky and sassy Georgia.
    Sabrina or Natasha - Sabrina is an old name. I prefer Natalia with the nn Natasha.
    Mara or Darcie - I'm not crazy about the spelling but I do like Darcie.
    Rachel or Diana - Both names are gorgeous but I think Diana wins slightly.
    Tabitha or Esther - When I was young, I knew a girl named Patience Esther and I've liked the name ever since.
    Anneka or Freya - I like the Norse mythological association.
    Ela or Poppy - Neither is my style but I think Poppy sounds friendlier.
    Amy or Carol - Amy is sweet. Carol is dated.
    Carla or Shauna - I don't like either one but Carla is my pick because it has more substance.
    All the best,

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