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Thread: The Name Johnny

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    I adore John <3 I'm another vote for John on the birth certificate and Johnny in real life. I think John just looks better professionally later down the line.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys. It seems like it's pretty much unanimous that it should be John on the birth certificate and Johnny as the nickname. So I guess I just have to decide if I like John enough to use as his technical name.
    As Taz said, I see Johnny as being very sweet and vintage. I have never come across a little boy called Johnny and to me it has a certain old fashioned charm that I love. But I have known many Johns and so John on it's own just doesn't feel quite as fresh to me. Or nearly as charming.
    But when I searched the name Johnny on the internet, I found people that said it was a male stripper name, and also that it sounded very southern. I am definitely not going for either of those images with our son's name so that made me kind of uncertain about using it.
    And I know Mischa said it sounded too casual with my girls' names so that is something for me to think about too, because it is important for me to have all my kids names flow well together.
    But still, something about it I do love- I feel like Johnny is sort of underused these days but still so classic and simple. I tend to favor simple classic names, but would really like him not to have to share his name with five other boys in his class (like my oldest does. She is always the only Sophie but with several Sophias in every class she is in.)
    And as ash said, I also love the sweetness of having Sophie name her little brother.
    Thanks for all your opinions on this name. I really appreciate hearing everyone's perspectives, good and bad. I am still on the fence about using it so as much input as possible is really helpful. Thank you!!

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    My five-year-old is named John, and we call him either Johnny or sometimes John-John. He is the only John under 10 we've encountered, so I agree with you that it is underused and yet so classic.

    We named him after my grandfather, who was "officially" John but everyone called him Johnny every day of his life. Sometimes when my dad calls my son, I can hear him calling my grandpa (his father-in-law), which always keeps the memory alive for me. So, if you decide to go with John/Johnny, he may well keep his nickname forever.

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