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Thread: The Name Johnny

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    The Name Johnny

    So we are still trying to figure out a name for our little guy (less than 2 months to go!) and my older daughter keeps suggesting Johnny. My husband likes it and I might like it too but not quite sure. Some days I love it and other days I don't know if it's the name for us.

    I would love to hear thoughts/opinions/impressions of this name and also do you think it would stand alone as a given name, or would it need to be John on the birth certificate and then we call him Johnny as a nn? I'm not quite as into John but I would use it on the birth certificate if it would serve him better as an adult.

    I have read some not so favorable opinions of this name when I searched it on the internet, but at the same time I think you can find negative things on pretty much every name out there. Still, I would like to hear all opinions on here whether good or bad.

    Also what do you think of Johnny as a little brother for older sisters Sophie and Violet? Sophie, Violet, and Johnny.

    Some of the other choices on our mutual list for this baby are:
    Oliver (my favorite)
    Jack (husband's favorite)

    Any name we use will be paired with an earthy/nature name in the middle name spot.

    Thanks as always for all your help! My husband will pretty much never talk about names with me since it always leads to arguing, so its really nice to have somewhere to discuss names!

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    It's an adorable name that works great with Sophie and Violet, but definitely put John on the birth certificate. Unlike Jack, Johnny is very cutesy and 99% of people would assume he was John, anyway. John is an incredible name with plenty of namesakes that will serve him well no matter where he goes.

    Jonathan, Jonas of Jonah would work as full names, too.
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    You don't seem sure about John nn Johnny but if you put that name on the birth certificate you get to call him either Johnny or Jack. Do you like Jonathan at all? Personally, I like some of the other names on your list a lot better for Sophie and Violet's brother. Johnny seems so overly casual compared to their names (Sophie is often thought of just a nickname for Sophia but it's the French version of the name). Oliver, Jack and August would be my picks for names that go well with your girls.
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    Johnny is a totally guilty pleasure name for me. I love Johnny while John and Jonathan are only okay. But, it I were to use Johnny (which is unlikely as I have a nephew named John) I would have to use either John or Jonathan on his birth certificate.
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    I have friends with a son named Johannes, but they call him Johnny. I feel pretty neutral about Johnny (but I love Johannes)

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