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    nicknames for Catherine: Cathy/Kathy, Cat/Kat, Rin (LOVE this one)
    Could Erin work as a nickname?: One hundred percent! Love it!

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    My favourite nickname is Cate or Cat. I agree with the others that Erin is a stretch just because it's own name already, and would just use Erin as a full name.
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    I think everyone covered all possible nicknames... but yes, Erin works
    Right Now I would name them...
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    My favorites are Kit and Cay.
    Erin would work, but it doesn't strike me as a nicknameish name.

    Theron? I know I know, boy's name. Just adding to the list.

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    My favorite Catherine nn is Rinna or Renna. Does Erin work? Yes. But I would just call her Erin.
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