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    Exclamation Help! Warning *LONG*

    I've posted about a gazilion threads about names for characters, and that's because I am hardly ever satisfied with my writing, therefore I create new characters to satisfy the style. Bear with me

    This time, I have a Dylan Alexandra Kane, and the name Dylan works well with her. Here is the description in the story/piece of writing/whatever/:

    She is sitting criss cross applesauce in the dead center of the hallway, positioned between the lockers and the frosted glass door of the office. The Mysterious Hallway Girl has her eyes closed all the way, and her hands and fingers positioned as if she were meditating. What I found most interesting was her attire: a navy blue letterman jacket, with puffy white sleeves, and the word KANE inscribed on the back (I assumed it was her last name). Mysterious Hallway Girl also wore a black pleated skirt, barely to her knees, and an eggshell white, Eiffel Tower t-shirt with bonjour in fancy script written across the black Eiffel Tower.
    By this time, my mind was spinning in a thousand different directions. Should I say something? Should I keep walking? What if she talks to me first? It was an endless cycle, questions upon questions, but they were always the same ones. After all, I did like her hair; it was cut very short in the back, and long in the front, like a bob. She pulled it off extremely well, and it was a pretty shade of dirty blonde. My fascination with Mysterious Hallway Girl was growing deeper and deeper every passing second and I decided I must talk to her, or I will be in the question cycle all day.
    I approached her very slowly, so I would not startle her. I circled her once and sat neatly and quietly in front of her, criss cross applesauce just as she had done. Instead, I did not close my eyes but stared blankly at the worn tile floor. I noticed that Mysterious Hallway Girl was wearing black Chuck Taylor’s without a single smudge. She started to hum, in all her peaceful glory but this did not last long. Her eyes flicked open, and she stared at me with curiosity. Mysterious Hallway Girl extended her hand. “Dylan Alexandra Kane.” I noticed Dylan’s eyes were a gorgeous sea blue and she had dimples on both sides of her face. I shake her hand with out hesitating because seems like a quality person.

    Yep that was really long, read it if you want to, critique my writing, do as you please.

    What name should I choose for the main character? It needs to be something girly in contrast to Dylan. Somewhat popular but no Elizabeth or Rose if you know what I mean .

    Have a wonderful day!
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