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    Where we live devon is a sausage style sandwich filling. I wouldn't use it.

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    Definitely Jane! Elegant, simple and timeless.

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    My favorite is by far Jane Carina! Jane, while seeming simple, is actually really sweet and refreshing to see. Janie is cute.

    I do love Emma, but it is far too popular. If you consider all of the Em- names and little Emmy/Emmie's running around, it's much more popular than it may seem. Emma Lillian is cute though.

    I do not like Devon at all. It is definitely masculine.

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    I would definitely go with Jane! It is so beautiful and fresh; I don't think it's plain at all. Emma is just too popular for me but it's lovely and I would use it in a heartbeat over Devon. I have actually known several female Devon/Devyns and I really dislike it. I do think of Hinduism some as it was a name for their main goddess if I remember correctly.

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    Devon sounds to me like the name of a football player.

    Of Jane and Emma, both are more or less popular. But I'm a bit out of sync with many other Berries: I find Jane both too precious and kinda boring--at the same time. Emma is an awesome name, by contrast, IF you're willing to overlook its popularity.

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