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    Down to 3 - Please help me pick!

    Hi! I'm new here and would love some help deciding between three names for this baby girl. I love them all and can't seem to choose one. MN will either be Lilian, Carina or Margo (family names) Here's what I'm down to:

    Jane (nn Janie): I really like Jane but I absolutely love Janie - I know a college aged girl who goes by Janie so I can see it aging well. I love the sweet simplicity of Jane, and I love that she'd have the option of going by Janie around friends and family but by Jane on a resume. There's so much history with Jane but I'm concerned that it's not "special" enough - is it too plain (Plain Jane? Jane Doe?)? I think Janie really adds a breath of fresh air to it but I want to love Jane that much too!

    Emma: I think this name is absolutely gorgeous and I love the literary connection. It's sweet, simple and obviously very recognizable, which I like. The popularity issue does concern me but I'm not sure if that's a big enough reason for me not to use it.

    Devon: By far the least traditional of the three but I love it. I know a few girls with this name and I think it's soft but spunky and completely adorable, and I like that it ages well. I do worry that people will consider it too masculine, though, and it's obviously much less familiar than the other two (although maybe that's a good thing!).

    Any thoughts/suggestions/initial impressions? Thanks in advance!

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