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    Madeleine nn Maisie is cute! I think it totally works. If it can work for Margaret or Mary, why not Madeleine? I say it with the "len" ending--almost like MAD-len, but then again, I took French for two years and I'm edging on being a Francophone. If I met a little Madeleine "Maisie", I would think how creative and fun and yet classy and cool her parents must be for giving her such a cool name! As for the names separately, I adore Madeleine. I love that it's French, I love that it's familiar although it seems to be quite overlooked for the more common Madeline and Madelyn spellings, it's feminine, charming, chic. I hate that it gets shortened automatically to Maddie (which I used to think was adorable--now I'm just sick of hearing Maddie!). It's hung around on my favorites for a really long time, but somehow it always misses out on being on my actual short list. If I ever used it, I would opt for Madeleine nn Leni. I think Della/Dell and maybe even Lainey could be cute nns, as well. I'm definitely a proponent of getting away from the predictable Maddie. Maisie... it's cute. It's very cute, but definitely too cute on its own. I have to say I probably like Macy and Daisy more, personally, but I think Maisie would be refreshing to come across and it is a cute name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjwatson View Post
    I have a daughter called May and her nn is Maisie.
    I agree with the other posters- a nickname used from the start works.
    May NN Maisie is also cute. Do you ever get any comments on that or do people just accept the nickname and that's that?

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    Yes, I think it's fine! I've always pronounced Madeleine like MAD-uh-line, but looking at these other posts I realize that I might be wrong? Hmm.

    I like the name Madeleine/Madeline very much, especially for the literary connection. However, there are a few things that concern me about the name. For one, its popularity (Madeline is #96, Madelyn is #67, you get the gist). Names that start with Mad- are very popular. Does that bother you too? Anyway. Also, the pronunciation issues would annoy me.
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    1. Does Madeleine "Maisie" work?
    Works for me. If Maisie can be short for Margaret, I don't see why it can't be short for Madeleine.

    2. How do you pronounce Madeleine (with the ending of -lynn, -line, -len, or something else)?
    I pronounce it with mad-uh-LEN. That is the French pronunciation.

    3. What would you think if you met a Madeleine "Maisie"?
    I like it. I'd probably be glad not to meet yet another Maddie!

    4. Lastly, what do you think of the names Madeleine (or Madeline) and Maisie (or Maisy) in general?
    I love Madeleine. Madeline is also pretty (that I pronounce with the -LINE ending) and don't really like Madelyn. I'd be happy to meet a little Madeleine. Maisie is a bit too cutsy for me to choose, but it's a fine nickname and one I've never heard outside of Nameberry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vidaloca View Post
    May NN Maisie is also cute. Do you ever get any comments on that or do people just accept the nickname and that's that?
    I've never had any comments...occasionally I'm asked whether she is actually May or Maisie. I think May to Maisie in terms of sound is quite logical. (our Ava gets Avie a lot) I also know a Maya who is nicknamed Maisie and two regular Maisies. For me Maisie on its own was just too nicknamey.
    We call her Maisie at least half the time but generally other people call her May.
    Btw I also know a Madeleine who is called Della!
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