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    1. Does Madeleine "Maisie" work?
    — Yes. May / Maisie would work for almost any M- name. However, "Maidie" would be a more logical choice with this full name.

    2. How do you pronounce Madeleine (with the ending of -lynn, -line, -len, or something else)?
    — "mahd-LEN"; If you are going with the French spelling, I don't see the point of using the English -lynn or -line pronunciations.

    3. What would you think if you met a Madeleine "Maisie"?
    — Very pretty name that will age well and work in almost all sceneries. A smart way of avoiding the popular "Maddy".

    4. Lastly, what do you think of the names Madeleine (or Madeline) and Maisie (or Maisy) in general?
    Madeleine / Madeline is a classic strong name you can't really go wrong with. Maisie is an adorable nickname but not substantial enough to be a full, formal name.
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    I think Maisie works just fine as a nickname for Madeleine. I pronounce it mad-uh-len. I love the name Madeleine (my daughter is Madelyn, named after her great-grandmother), despite the different spellings and pronounciations. And I adore Maisie! Wanted to call my Madelyn by May or Maisie, but she decided to go by Maddie.
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    I have a daughter called May and her nn is Maisie.
    I agree with the other posters- a nickname used from the start works.
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    Not to me. Too totally different names. Maisie is fine on its own.

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    As much as I want it to work for you..... I agree with the following:

    Quote Originally Posted by boyandgirl View Post
    Not to me. Too totally different names. Maisie is fine on its own.
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