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    TTC: What's going on?? kinda long

    So, I had my mirena IUD removed on 2/17/14 after having it in a little less than 2 years because me and my hubby were ready to try for baby #2.
    Much to our surprise, we got our BFP on 4/20/14! Sadly, just days later on 4/24, I miscarried at 5 weeks. Everything went smoothly and I didn't require a D&C and my doctor gave us the go ahead and try again whenever I felt up for it.
    So my period came on 5/25 and 6/25 like clock work.
    About 2 weeks before my next expected period my breasts became very tender, something which I had never experienced before the start of my period, so it felt odd, and that was what first made me think I was pregnant. I began to develop aversions to certain smells that had never bothered me before, and especially not before my period, and that was clue #2.
    Well on 7/23 (2 days before my expected period) my hubby and I were intimate and almost immediately after, I started spotting. It was very slight, and continued for the next couple days, though there were days where I would have nothing at all. But due to the symptoms I had been having, I decided to take a pregnancy test on 7/26, BFN. 7/28, BFN.
    The tender breasts went away, but the smell aversions are still happening, and are more powerful than before. So I took 2 tests on 8/2, both were BFN.

    So basically, I'm just looking for thoughts or input on the situation. The symptoms are something I've never had associated with my period, or my first pregnancy. So I'm just kinda confused and am getting very frustrated as my DH and I are desperately wanting to conceive.

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    I would talk to your doctor about it. Especially so they can start to notice patterns and other things that might be useful to your care.

    It took us two years after going off the pill to get pregnant (although we were just living life and not really trying) and my cycles were never under 35 days and up to 40 days, but I didn't have the unusual spotting or anything like that so it wasn't so discomforting.

    The book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" really helped. A friend gave it to me and it was very informative and helped me feel like I knew more of what was going on physically.

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