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    I'm sure it does... at least with girl's names. I have a popular, feminine but not frilly girl's name, and it had an intuitive, everyday-use nickname. I loved having a clearly feminine name, but I was also a tree-climber and my name worked for that, too. The popularity of my name kind of annoyed me, but I got over it. My parents chose well. Now, I tend to like feminine names that aren't frilly.
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    I don't think it applies to me... except that I basically have 2 names and my lists usually have multiple personalities, I guess.
    My legal name is very common for my age group, no-nonsense, dated. I go by Lucy which is "cyclical contemporary" (well-received now, but I've only met one other person named Lucy and she was about 20 years older than me. Even living in Spain, I never met a Lucía despite it being the #1 name for the past few years, but then again, I lived in Valencian & Basque areas where the trends are different).
    I guess I do like dated & clunky names, but dated in a "grandparent" kind of way, where it's been out of style for a long time, and not a recent boom.

    I think the biggest effect my name has on my name style is just my general interest in names. My parents kind of seemed indifferent to the naming process, and I found that out when I was very young, and I have always been nuts about researching names.
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    Absolutely. Having one of the top names at the time I was born has always haunted me. I knew long ago I didn't want to name my children anything near the top 50.
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    I think it's true, at least a little. My name is Athena, which is fairly uncommon where I live. The majority of the names that I like are more uncommon, but because they're musty old lady names, not names from Greek mythology. I think I liked being the only Athena in my class, and I want my daughters to feel special because they're the only Sybil's, Dorothea's, or Araminta's.

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    I think it could be possible. While it certainly doesn't hold true for some people, I think it applies to me. I have a less-than-common name (at least in the non-Latino community - I'm not Latino AT ALL) and I definitely tend to like more uncommon or non-Top 100 names.
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