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    Do you think your name influences your taste in names?

    Do you think you subconsciously prefer names that are similar in style to your own?

    My name is Margaret, nn Maggie, and I tend to like feminine but not frilly girl names, often with cute, childish nicknames. (Imogen/Immy, Beatrix/Bea.) My best friend's name is Ella, and her favourite names are girly and sweet - Claire and Sophie. What do you guys think?
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    I think that might be true a little but I'm not sure that I like any names close in style to mine, Kelsey. I guess it would fall into 'feminine unisex'? I do love Ariel, Sean, Shiloh, and Noah for girls, but most of my favorites are super frilly girls names. I definitely do have some names on my list that wouldn't be out of place next to mine, though.

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    Yes I do, but I choose names very different to my own! I have a popular in the 80-90's (faddish), formerly masculine name with harsh sounds and a very average/potentially no meaning. Any guesses? Haha. I don't particularly like it, but I love that my parents loved it!
    I tend to prefer clearly feminine names with a long history of use and soft sounds. A nice meaning is preferable but not essential!

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    Heh, my name is Margaret, too, although my nickname is Meg! I think I do prefer names that are similar to my name, but not in the same way you do. Margaret is very classic, and our two top choices for girls are Catherine and Elizabeth. In fact, sometimes I wish my name wasn't Margaret because she would make such a fabulous sister name. As for middles, mine is Cynthia, and I think my favorite choices for middle names are also similar in style: Ophelia, Aurelia, Seraphina, Morgana, Emmanuelle, etc. Basically, beautiful, feminine, and multi-syllabic! (No boring filler one-syllable names for me.)
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    I think your name definitely has an influence on the names you like, but I don't think it necessarily means you like names similar to your own.

    My full name is Kimberly. Very 80's. Very girly/frilly. Quite popular in it's time. Long and distinct.
    However, I'm not very fond of those types of names.
    But then, I've almost never been called anything but Kim. But I also don't have a list full of short, nickname style names.

    My favorites are usually classic but a bit eccentric. Noelle, Gwendolyn, Alice, Leo, Bennett, Darius
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