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    Yes! I grew up having several girls with my name in my class. I've always sorta felt like my name didn't fit me. So, I think I tend to like girl names that are spunky, strong and feminine, which is what I perceive myself to be, and what I think my name doesn't embody. As for boys, I love names that have the same qualities (except masculine instead of feminine.)
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    Of course!
    My name being Molly, typically a popular pet name, I tend to like more uncommon names -see signature-
    My middle name, starting with a C (not going to reveal) is more old-ish and to me sort of royal or regal. That, I believe, is why I like the more uncommon names. Had I been named Josie, which would make me the 5th "Joe" or "Jo" in my family, I would probably like the more common names like Julie, Lily, Marie. I do have a soft spot for Josie and wow this just turned into a life story haha. Bottom line, being named uniquely, I have a taste for unique names
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    My name's Amanda and since every class I had from pre-k to college had about five Amanda's in it, I tend to go away from popular names.
    Rex, Adelina, and Isolde are some of my favorites. I think after having such a common, everyday name, I enjoy names that are a not so popular, but still recognizable (not too "off the wall").

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