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    Maybe. My name is Christina. I loathe my name and think its very dated but a lot of people think its very feminine and classic which is somewhat my style.
    I love the name Charlotte but when I think about it, ten years from now when I have kids Charlotte will probably be the equivalent of Christina when I was born, still popular but starting to feel dated.

    I've always gone by Chrissy though, which is kind of a cutesy nn, and I have to admit I do like long classic names with adorable nicknames ex. Elizabeth nn Lilibet, Georgiana nn Gigi, Evangeline nn Evie
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    Yes, it is very true for me. It is why I became interested in names in the first place. I also would never choose a name in the top 100 for my child. My name is rarely heard of. I know I will chose a name that is not super popular.

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    My name is Sarina (Serena). I've never thought of this before, but I think you're right O.o

    I guess SOME of my name taste falls in the "classic eccentric" category. I guess Serena falls into the classic, but not popular category. Also, I tend to stick with original spellings for my favorite names because the amount of times I've had to spell out my "different" spelling isn't even funny.

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    I think its possible. My first name is Lucy which was quite common within my class. I was in a class with 3 Lucy's (inc. me). Luckily, I went my James most of the time so there wasn't really much confusion. James is my middle name, but my dad wanted it to be my first, but my mum said that it was far to masculine as a first name (which makes sense) so they used it as my middle, but for some reason everyone called me James.

    I always liked having a name which nobody would expect me to have, and I liked that I didnt share it with anyone in my class. (there wasn't any male James' in my class, either.) My DH has a common first name (Samuel) and always hated it because he always shared classes with at least one other Sam(uel) and he says that he doesnt want that for our kids, and neither do I, so I think thats the reason that both of us lean towards more uncommon names for our children.

    (sorry for my long answer :S)
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    Maybe in kind of an opposite way. My name is Alyssa, and while I love my name, I don't really lean towards similar names. The names I like are more traditional/Biblical: Lydia, Leah, Adah, Luke, Jonah, Malachi, Seth. I also draw from my heritage (which is...well, let's just say my mom calls us mutts, so there's alot in our family tree), mostly my Italian, Irish, and Scottish sides, so that's where names like Quinn and Mackenzie (for a male) come in as mn.

    It's not that I had some horrible experience with my name, or I hate it or anything...on the contrary, I love it. I'm not one to say "well, my name became rather popular or it's dated and so now I'm looking to name my kid something more traditional". I just like those names. I always loved reading historical fiction, Amish ficiton, and the Bible, so I grew to love those names.
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