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Thread: Nina or Ines?

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    I prefer Ines. A girl in my dance class years ago was named Inez. Nina feels a little more boring in comparison to Ines.
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    I like both names. They would make a nice sibset.

    If I had to pick I one, I would go with Ines.
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    I'll say Nina only because I'm unsure how to pronounce Ines? I've read multiple ways of pronouncing it and I've always been unsure. That puts me off only because other people might have trouble too
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    I'm put off by the pronunciation of Ines as well. I have a Portuguese cousin in Portugal who's name is Ines and it's pronounced een-EHzh which is lovely but here in the states I've heard it pronounced eye-nez and ee-ness. I prefer eye-nez. I love the name, I just don't want people constantly pronouncing her name differently. And I agree with the above poster about Nina. I like the name and obviously it's an easier pronunciation, but it is the word for "girl" in Spanish and menina is girl in Portuguese. Not a bad meaning, I just prefer something nicer which Ines is. It means pure; holy; chaste.

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    Nina is a name used in Russia, Scandinavian countries, Germany, Austria, Greece, Italy, Ukraine...even the U.S. It is a name recognized in a lot of places, simple and definitively feminine. I chose it for my daughter because I needed a name that would not confuse my relatives in Greece, as well as my husbands family in France. Also, didn't want people always mispronouncing it here in America. Ines is a less familiar name although common in Spanish speaking countries. I like it as well. It seems more exotic than Nina is to me.

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