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    javad Guest
    Morgan is a solid name choice I think, and seems like more of a male name than a female name to me. I've known three dude's named Morgan, but never a dudette.

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    To me, Morgan is more of a boys name because the first person I think of when I hear the name is Morgan Freeman. He is an awesome individual and I think any male named Morgan would be proud to wear the name!

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    catloverd Guest
    Whenever I hear Morgan, I think of Boy Meets World (she was Cory's little sister) so it's REALLY hard for me to see it on a boy because every time I hear the name I think of her!

    BUT I think it can work on a boy.

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    Love it on a boy.

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    I don't think Morgan is too terribly popular for either gender, at least not where I live (KS). I have only known 2 Morgans, 1 my age and 1 who would be elementary school age now. They were both girls, but I think I actually prefer it as a boy name. I also like Ashley and Kelly far better on a boy than a girl. I've known 1 male with each of those names. I don't think I'd be brave enough to use them, though. Morgan seems more usable than they others I think because it doesn't in the "lee" sound that comes across as feminine these days.

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