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    Graham Rum-lee. Sounds fine. I really like the suggestion of Graham Elliot Rum-lee.
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    I agree with the idea that a 3+ syllable middle name would work the best since Graham is one quick syllable. And don't use (most) middle names that start with an 'A', makes the flow sound a bit like 'grandma' (names starting with a soft 'M' do the same, don't use a MN that starts with an M).

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    Thank you all for your help! I am feeling much better now that I have some idea of what is going to sound good. We do like Graham Elliott. Does anyone watch Masterchef? That's the name of one of the judges. Also, I like Graham Frederick as that's my dad's first name. Husband is a little leary of naming after someone on my side because he doesn't want to hurt his side's feelings. (Though our kids are getting their last name so whatever.)

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    ^^ Well, you can only use one namesake at a time, right? Family names are important. I think Graham Frederick is handsome.
    Graham Frederick Lloyd? :-)

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    Graham Frederick is great. I love Graham Eliott too. In spite of agreeing with the 3-syllable recommendation, I also rather liked Graham Joseph with your last name.

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