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    Middle name help needed please.

    I am just starting my third trimester and am feeling so discouraged about names. We had our first son's name picked out really early and it really helped me to bond with him knowing his name. This time, we are having so much trouble. We both like the name Graham, but are having a really difficult time finding a middle name that sounds good with it and our last name. Our last name is pronounced Rum-lee. Any ideas? Does Graham sound okay with our last name to begin with? I am really bad at finding names that flow well together.
    Thank you ahead of time. My pregnant hormones are getting the most of me and I want to cry most of the time when my husband wants to discuss names. It doesn't help that he suggests names like Lloyd...

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    Graham Finnigan has a nice flow.
    Also, Graham Theodore
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    I think Graham Rum-Lee needs 3 (+) syllables in the middle for best flow.

    Graham Elliott Rum-Lee is nice, as is Graham Theodore Rum-Lee mentioned up thread. You could also do 1 syllable like Ian? That flows well, too. I think you just want to avoid the 2-2-2 syllable count as it's not the best for flow.

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    I like Graham Rumlee... I'm going to disagree with pp... Theodore Rumlee will slur to become Theodorumlee... Graham Elliot is nice. I would make sure the mn doesn't start or end with an M, doesn't end with an -r, and doesn't end with an -I/-IE/-Y.
    Graham Benjamin Rumlee
    Graham Sebastian Rumlee
    Graham Jericho Rumlee
    Graham Jonathan Rumlee
    Graham Julian Rumlee
    Graham Isaiah Rumlee
    Graham Anderson Rumlee
    Graham Sullivan Rumlee
    Graham Anthony Rumlee
    Graham Nicholas Rumlee
    Graham Nathaniel Rumlee
    Graham Ezekiel Rumlee
    Graham Josiah Rumlee
    Graham Jeremiah Rumlee
    Graham Donovan Rumlee
    Graham Darius Rumlee
    Graham Frederick Rumlee
    Graham Ignatius Rumlee
    Graham Cyprian Rumlee
    Graham Caspian Rumlee
    Graham Joshua Rumlee
    Graham Killian Rumlee
    Graham Raphael Rumlee
    Graham Washington Rumlee
    Graham Finnegan Rumlee
    Graham Phineas Rumlee
    Graham Hadrian Rumlee
    Graham Adrian Rumlee
    Graham Bastian Rumlee
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