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Thread: Christina?

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    fiammetta Guest
    Christina is a nice enough name, but I don't personally like it. It is dated here (Australia), but not as dated as say, Linda or Stephanie.

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    I was born in the late '90s, and I know several Christinas of various spellings (Kristina and Cristina, along with a Krysta and a handful of Kristins and Kierstans). I do like the name, but the only nickname I sort of like is Stina.
    My best friend is a Christine, and you won't believe how many times she has been called Christina and Kristin. Christine has really grown on me because of her spunky, hyper active personality. I'm not sure which version of the name I like better.

    Christina's starting to go down in popularity, and like other 80s/90s name Sierra, I still think many of those names don't seem dated, due to consistent usage throughout the years.
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    It is definitely dated to me, I am not a fan. Someone said it was stylish in Europe but that is not my experience.

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    I dislike it and find it very dated. Sorry!! But if YOU love it.. it's not awful.. I would never think badly of someone who used it.

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