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    Family 1- surname Baker-
    Mum- Viola Hope Baker
    Dad- Daniel John Baker
    Son 1- Soren Kai Baker
    Daughter- Mila Louise Baker
    Son 2- Graham Dashiell Baker

    Family 2- Surname Porter-
    Mum- Linnea Jane Porter
    Dad- Jude William Porter
    Daughter- Emma Mae Porter

    Family 3- surname Lambert-
    Mum- Shoshanna Amy Lambert
    Dad- Joseph Willis Lambert
    Son 1- Jeremiah Nathaniel Lambert-
    Son 2- Josiah Thaddeus Lambert-
    Son 3- Judah Ezekial Lambert

    Family 4- surname Carter-
    Mum- Kate Aurora Carter
    Dad- James Samuel Carter
    Son- Harrison Reginald Carter
    Daughter- Keira Meredith Carter

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    Family 1- surname Baker-
    Mum- Valerie Heather
    Dad- Daniel Joseph
    Son 1- Scott Kenneth- aged 29
    Daughter- Marilyn Louise- aged 27
    Son 2- Gavin Dalton- aged 16

    Family 2- Surname Porter-
    Mum- Leanna Joyce
    Dad- John Walter
    Daughter- Elena Michele- aged 16

    Family 3- surname Lambert-
    Mum- Sylvia Adelaide
    Dad- Jared William
    Son 1- Jonas Nathaniel- aged 18
    Son 2- Jack Theodore- aged 14
    Son 3- Justin Elliott- aged 8

    Family 4- surname Carter-
    Mum- Kari Alison
    Dad- James Samuel
    Son- Henry Robin- aged 27
    Daughter- Katherine Mia- aged 25
    Teenage Name Fanatic.



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    Family #1
    DH (54): Daniel James Baker "Dan"
    DW (51): Victoria Helen *Moore* Baker "Vicky"
    DS (29): Stephen Kyle Baker
    DD (27): Margaret Leigh Baker "Maggie"
    DS (16): Garrett Daniel Baker

    Family #2
    DH (44): Jeffrey William Porter "Jeff"
    DW (42): Laurie Jennifer *Roberts* Porter
    DD (16): Emily Marie Porter

    Family #3
    DH (43): John Walter Lambert
    DW (41): Sandra Allison *Parker* Lambert "Sandy"
    DS (18): Joshua Nathan Lambert "Josh"
    DS (14): Jacob Thomas Lambert "Jake"
    DS (8): Jackson Elliott Lambert "Jack"

    Family #4
    DH (60): James Stephen Carter "Jim"
    DW (58): Kathleen Abigail *Morton* Carter "Kathy"
    DS (27): Hunter Ryan Carter
    DD (25): Kelly Marie Carter

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    LN: Baker
    DH: David Jonathan (54)
    DW: Veronica Hilde (51)
    DS: Scott Kingston (29)
    DD: Maria Lucille (27)
    DS: Gregory Donald (16)

    LN: Porter
    DH: James Wilfred (44)
    DW: Louise Janelle (42)
    DD: Eliza Megan (16)

    LN: Lambert
    DH: Jason William (43)
    DW: Sally Amanda (41)
    DS: Justin Niell (18)
    DS: Jacob Terrence (14)
    DS: Jayden Edward (8)

    LN: Carter
    DH: John Sydney (60)
    DW: Kathryn Amelia (58)
    DS: Harrison Robert (27)
    DD: Kimberly Margaret (25)
    24 year old writer, teacher and name collector.

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    Oscar Louis~ Jack Stephen~ Julian Fox ~Vincent Hector~ Byron Haddox~ Basil Henry~ Franklin Wise ~ Asa Laurent~ Alastair Frederick

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    Family 1- surname: Baker
    DW: Valerie Hanna(49)
    DH: Darrin James(52)
    DS1- Sullivan Kyle(29) "Sully"
    DD1: Mariah Linnea(27)
    DS2- Gavin Darrell(16)

    Family 2- Surname: Porter
    DW- Lana Jo (32)
    DH: Jerry Wyatt(32)
    DD: Emaleigh Mabel(16)

    Family 3- surname: Lambert
    DW: Sally Anne(40)
    DH: Jacob William(42)
    DS1- Jacob Norman(18)
    DS2- Jaden Tyler(14)
    DS3- Jefferson Edward(8) "Jeff"

    Family 4- surname: Carter
    DW: Kimberly Ann(54)
    Dh: Jason Sultry(53)
    DS- Harold Ray(27)
    DD: Kerry Mae(25)

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