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Thread: Kamsiyochukwu

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovewn View Post
    It only took me a minute of googleing to find out that it is (or at least people think it is- I cannot confirm) an Igbo name meaning my heart's desire
    It dose seem to be an Igbo name but I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean 'my heart's desire'. Just from my quick Google-enabled searches of Igbo phrase books 'heart' would be 'obi' and 'desire' would be 'ochcucho'. Even more important is that 'chukwu' means 'God' I've found that element in a bunch of Igbo names- unfortunately I can't seem to figure out exactly what 'Kamsiyo' would be (though I suspect it may actually be three seprate words 'kam si yo')

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    kam-SEE-yo-choo-k-woo is my guess
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    I've seen the Igbo name of Kamsiyochukwu on the Internet and the woman who had him said it meant ‘’just as I asked of the Lord’’ (he was a miracle baby). It's a name from Nigeria. She didn't mention pronunciation but my guess is "kam-see-yo-CHOOK-woo".
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    Chukwu is a very common name element in Nigeria. It's Igbo, as others have said. (All the Olu- names are Yoruba). Both mean "God."
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    Quote Originally Posted by merrybells View Post
    I feel sorry for those 8 babies. I wonder what their middles were?
    Why would you feel sorry for them?

    As far as I can tell from other posters, it is a legitimate name (correct me if I am wrong, please). It just happens to be from a different cultural/ethnic group. Yes, it is hard to pronounce, but so can the simplest spellings of names. It just take a bit of willingness to get it right. I am sure if you heard it a lot, you wouldn't have a problem saying it.

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