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    I feel sorry for those 8 babies. I wonder what their middles were?
    I don't feel sorry for them at all. I went to school in a very multicultural area, and we had many kids with Igbo and Yoruba names. A lot of them went by shortened versions of their names - we had one kid go by Chuk, but most used something from the middle or end of their name. It wasn't because they weren't proud of their names or heritage, they were. It was just easier for teachers to call them something shorter than four or five syllables that could be pronounced without too much difficulty. Even though I'm used to Igbo names Kamsiyochukwu is unfamiliar to me and I'd only be having an educated guess at the pronunciation. If that was a kid in my year, they'd likely end up saying "Call me Kam" on the first day to avoid having their name constantly butchered.

    And as for middles, that varied. I don't know all the middles of the kids in my year, but I remember a few from board registers. One boy had the middle Joseph, while others had another Igbo/Yoruba name. One girl I know had five names in addition to her surname. I don't know if that's a Yoruba tradition to give a lot of names or whether it was just her parents, but all in all it came to about 26 syllables worth of name.

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