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Thread: Judge away

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    Autumn and Summer: I've always preferred Summer over Autumn as a name but I think its because of associations with people I have had in the past.
    I just can't get into the -belle names! I don't hate them but I don't love them. I prefer Mirabelle over Arabella (depending on the pronunciation: I prefer the air-a-bella pronunciation). I see Belle as a nickname.
    Addison, Copeland and Sutton are just too masculine to me. I usually like unisex names on girls though.
    Rosaline is just so pretty and I like that its from Shakespearean literature.
    Arizona, Alaska, Atlanta: I like Alaska the best out of the bunch by a long shot, but place names just aren't my style!
    Cecilia, Juliet, and Sophie I LOVE, and I would love Eve if it was Eva instead Calla,
    Alyssa and Venessa just seem dated. Also, I would spell Vanessa with an 'a'. The 'e' will only cause a hassle throughout life and I've never seen it before.
    Anya, Alva, Alviana, Aria and Alba: I just hate them, I'm sorry. However I'm not a fan of 'A' names at all actually.
    Catalina is a type of salad dressing and I can't get over it.
    Gwen just looks awkward I don't know.
    Jordan just seems overused. I feel a know an abundance of Jordan's (both male and female).
    Nova: I actually really like Nova and the meaning behind it.
    Savannah, Clover and Clementine I just dislike. I couldn't name my child Clementine. Clover is the best of the three.
    Thea is just meh, I prefer Theo for boys so it kind of puts it
    I absolutely love Lennox for either a boy or a girl.
    Winter is one of my guilty pleasure names but I don't know if I'd ever have the guts to use it.
    I agree with Eponine sounding like a drug.
    I can't love the -ette names because they remind me of nicorette I don't know I can't get it out of my head.


    I love Finn, Isaac, Cain (but spelt Kane for less of a negative biblical reference), and Rhys! These four are all on my boys list as well
    I hate Casper, Rebel, Ransom, River, Cricket. They all seem like they could be dogs names.
    Christopher, Connor and Lucas are okay. They seem to fit in the same category for me, I feel like they're very 90's and slowly becoming dad names.
    Trevor is so dated to me!
    Avery I feel is so feminine now! I have a cousin Avery who is male and could never have imagined it on a girl. Now, I know so many little girls I find it stranger on a boy. Hayden also seems girly to me, perhaps because of Hayden Panettiere. I would opt for Hudson which I like
    I hate Harold but I also hate Harrison, Harry, Harriet etc. (I hate names with the 'hair' sound in it).
    I also do not like Asa or Alfie, they just seem so short.
    I like Reid over Reeve.
    I used to love Jackson now I think it's just okay.

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    Autumn, Summer: they're both beautiful names, maybe not entirely original but beautiful.
    MirabelleArabella, Cecilia Aviana: pretty but a little too frilly for me
    Addison: I just think of the disease, sorry
    Copeland:don't like too heavy for a girl
    Arizona: I love Arizona, makes me think of blue skies and deserts. Plus I know the most beautiful little 2 yr old named Arizona nn Rizzo
    Eve: LOVE, it's simple yet feminine and strong
    Juliet: pretty, but doesn't really appeal to me, too many strong associations
    Alaska, Sutton, Lennox, Alba, Atlanta, Alva, Avis: Eh, don't have a pretty sound
    Calla, Alyssa, Venessa, Jordan, Savannah, Sophie, Belle: all feel dated to me or overused
    Gwen, Clementine, Thea: All sweet and familiar yet unexpected
    Cosette, Anya, Eponine: Too much, pretty names but for me it feels like you're trying too hard
    Aria: LOVE maybe a little trendy but I think it has a beautiful sound and connotations
    Clover, Winter: Cute
    Nova, Catalina: Pretty and exotic-lite

    Lucas, Isaac, Christopher: classic names, can't go wrong
    Rhys, Reeve, Finn: short, strong and masculine
    Connor, Jackson: slightly trendy, but good strong names
    Cain, Trevor, Rebel, Cricket, Ransom, Hudson: don't like either too trendy for me, bad connotations or just don't like the sound.
    Hayden: Very trendy, but I love this name. And even though it's not pronounced the same I love the connection to the composer
    Avery, Asa, Casper: soft boys names, I love them
    Alfie, River, Harold: not bad, just not very inspiring to me
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    Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

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    Autumn - I like it.
    Summer - My favourite seasonal name.
    Mirabelle - Always sounds like mirror ball to me
    Addison - Not my style at all. Super trendy at the moment.
    Copeland - Don't like the surname as a name
    Rosaline - Prefer Rosalie
    Arizona - I guess it ok. But not great.
    Arabella - Classic. Although I still prefer Isabella
    Cecilia - One of my favourite names. And who can resist Cece as a nickname.
    Eve - I like this as an alternative to Eva or Ava.
    Juliet - LOVE!
    Calla - Trendy Flower name
    Alaska - This one might get looks from people
    Alyssa - It's ok.
    Venessa - Everyone will always misspell that.
    Belle - I love it. But as a middle name.
    Anya - Not really my style. But its ok.
    Gwen - Ok as a nickname. Prefer something like Gwendolyn as full name.
    Nova - I like Nola better.
    Jordan - Not really my style. Plus, I knew a few female Jordan's growing up so it seems a bit dated to me.
    Catalina - I Love.
    Atlanta - Don't like at all.
    Sophie - Really cute.
    Savannah - It's all right.
    Clementine - Adorable.
    Alva - Makes me think of elves
    Aviana - Amy Adams
    Avis - Sounds like "Anus"
    Thea - not my style
    Lennox - not my style. Not even on a boy
    Cosette - Ifyou're ok with the Les Mis references for the rest of your life
    Eponine - Same as Cosette
    Aria - Never really liked
    Sutton - Don't like at all
    Winter - I do like this. But as a middle name
    Clover - Hate this name. Seems more like a pet name.
    Alba - Makes me think of Jessica Alba.

    Casper - I like it.
    Reeve - No, dont like. Maybe Reese instead.
    Christopher - It's all right.
    Finn - I like it. But its also popular at the moment.
    Trevor - Not my style
    Rebel - Do you want your kid to be rebellious?
    Connor - Not My style
    Avery - LOVE this as a boys name. So happy to see it here and not on your girls list
    Lucas - I love LUKE, but not Lucas
    Ransom - Oh God, No. Why would you want a name that is associated with kidnappings?
    Jackson - It's all right. I prefer just "Jack" though.
    Isaac - LOVE this.
    Cain - Eh, not for me.\
    Hayden - I used to love this name before the whole Hayden/Jaden/Aidan naming became really popular
    Asa - i love it, but people will have pronunciation problems
    Alfie - Cute, but also super british sounding
    Harold - Sounds a little old-manish
    River - LOVE it.
    Cricket - Perhaps as cute nickname. Not as a full name.
    Rhys - I LOVE RHYS. And its so underused.
    Hudson - I love it. But seems a bit trendy at the moment.

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    Love (bolded)/ Like (not bolded)
    Summer- I have a friend named Summer.
    Mirabelle- Love Mira but idk with the -belle ending
    Copeland- not sure how I feel
    Rosaline- cool
    Arabella- So pretty
    Cecilia- also cool but it gives a dated vibe
    Juliet- one of my faves
    Alaska- Makes me think of John Green
    Alyssa- super trendy but cute
    Gwen- Cute
    Nova- Super cool space name
    Jordan- alright, but super trendy
    Sophie- see Jordan
    Clementine- Couldn't actually see it on an adult
    Aviana- eh
    Thea- LOVE
    Lennox- Not my style
    Cosette- Like the tape?
    Aria- Nice
    Sutton- Idk about on a girl
    Winter- LOVE
    Clover- LOVE
    Calla- cool flower name

    Belle- middle name
    Autumn- just idk
    Eve- to Toddlers and Tiaras
    Vanessa- outdated
    Anya- hmmm
    Alba- Jessica Alba??
    Eponine- Sorry :/
    Alva- see above
    Savannah- Not my favorite city name but idk if people think of that when they see it.
    Atlanta- cringe
    Addison - not on a girl

    Love (bolded)/ Like (not bolded)
    Casper - awesome
    Finn - see Casper
    Jackson- fresh
    Isaac- nice Biblical name
    River- My favorite nature name for boys
    Hudson- masculine but trendy
    Christopher- timeless classic
    Connor- underused
    Lucas- LOVE
    Hayden- trendy but cool

    Reeve-how about Reese?
    Trevor- Harry Potter ruined it for me lol
    Rebel- You won't be thanking yourselves when he is a teenager.
    Avery (not for a boy)
    Ransom- wow. Just wow.. Horrible connotations, would steer clear from this.
    Asa (not for a boy)
    Alfie- awkward
    Harold- outdated
    Rhys (don't like this spelling)
    Cricket (to girly)
    Cain- Makes me think of Cain and Abel
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    Boys: Casper, Reeve, Christopher, Finn, Trevor, Rebel, Connor, Avery, Lucas, Ransom, Jackson, Isaac, Cain, Hayden, Asa, Alfie, Harold, River, Cricket, Rhys, Hudson

    I like:
    Calla - My favourite from your list!
    Cosette - But way too Les Mis. I am a huge fan of the movie, but now it's going to rise. The same with Eponine (maybe it won't rise, but it will stay "known." She was actually one of my favourite charcters!) Have you considered Colette or Appoline?

    Cricket (as a nickname)
    Jude, blackbird.

    Teddy * Alma * Marian * Frances * Amra * Donovan

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