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    Autumn - love as a middle
    Summer - Don't like
    Mirabelle - this is a sweet name, but I'm not sure I'd use it on an actual child. It seems more like a dolls name
    Addison - don't like
    Copeland - don't like
    Rosaline - I generally love Rosa-names, but this one just doesn't do it for me
    Arizona - don't like
    Arabella - Like! Much better than Mirabelle too
    Cecilia - Well, I got this as middlename and I gotta say I find it uninspiring
    Eve - I prefer Eva, but both are very pretty and usable
    Juliet - Not a fan
    Calla - Don't like
    Alaska - don't like
    Alyssa - Reminds me of Silent Hill
    Venessa - I like Vanessa, but Venessa looks misspelled or like a misspelled Venetia
    Belle - Not a fan
    Anya - Don't like
    Gwen - Like!
    Nova - Great name! I love this and would consider using myself
    Jordan - Reminds me of Katie Price, which is a negative of me
    Catalina - Very cute, but not a lot of nn potential. Yea Cat and Lina, but both of those are quite uninspiring to me
    Atlanta - don't like
    Sophie - Prefer Sophia
    Savannah - love
    Clementine - Don't like
    Alva - On the fence here
    Aviana (Avis) - Neutral
    Thea - Not a fan
    Lennox - not for a girl
    Cosette - don't like
    Eponine - don't like
    Aria - love
    Sutton - don't like
    Winter - pretty, but as a middle
    Clover - don't like
    Alba- I love Alba! I don't think its "cheesy" at all. It IS a name after all, meaning either white or dawn. I think its a great name, but it doesn't get a lot of love on Nameberry, unfortunately.

    Casper - Good name, but prefer Jasper
    Reeve - Neutral
    Christopher - Find it uninspiring. Good middlename tho.
    Finn - Neutral
    Trevor - Don't like
    Rebel, Ransom, Cain, Asa, Alfie, River, Cricket - don't like.
    Connor - Neutral
    Avery - Neutral
    Lucas - I like it, but prefer Luca
    Isaac - Good name =)
    Jackson - I have a love/hate relationship with Jackson I can't quite explain =/
    Hayden - don't like
    Harold - Don't like
    Hudson - Don't like
    Rhys - Neutral

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