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    Middle name for Miranda

    Hello, all!

    My husband and I found out last week that Charles and Cora are going to have a baby sibling! No more C names this time. We will find out the gender, but that's a few months away and name discussion goes on even between our pregnancies! So we have two boy names to choose between at the hospital (Marcus Ebenezer and Walter Cornelius). If it's a girl, my husband has given his stamp of approval to Miranda. I need a middle name for her!

    I've found that all the names I swoon over have something in common - a classic/vintage element combined with an ancient/literary element. Something that could be a child from the turn of the century, combined with something really old and rare (typically Biblical).

    Case in point:

    Charles (classic) Theophilus (ancient and out there, Biblical)
    Cora/Corinna (classic/vintage) Melisande (literary)
    Marcus (classic) Ebenezer (ancient, and a tad vintage, Biblical)
    Walter (classic) Cornelius (ancient, Biblical)
    Alice (classic/vintage) Hermione (literary/ancient)...ohhhh, I wish my husband would agree to Alice someday!!

    But Miranda breaks the trend with having the literary/"ancient sounding" name in the front. So for middle names I think I need a vintage beauty, or even something older like a heavy Colonial/Puritan name. It should be long (3+ syllables) and work well with a last name that starts with J. Here are some I like, some of which won't fly for various reasons.

    Miranda Catherine (not sure I like the exact mirroring of initials to my first daughter's name? - would anyone notice?)
    Miranda Felicity
    Miranda Margaret (hubby already vetoed, on account of the alliteration)
    Miranda Beatrice
    Miranda Josephine (can't do because of the J, or I totally would!!)
    Miranda Eleonore
    Miranda Hermione (too much?...also 2 ancient/literary and no classic/vintage here)

    Thoughts? Suggestions?
    Speculative fiction writer and mother to Charles Theophilus (2.5 years), Corinna Melisande -- nicknamed Cora (13 months), and the Tiny Girl (due Feb. 2014). Lover of studious, ancient boy names and sweet, intelligent girl names with a touch of fairy-tale beauty.

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    Miranda is still a literary name. She was the heroine in Shakespeare's The Tempest.

    I really like Miranda Felicity

    Other suggestions:

    Miranda Imogene- Shakespeare
    Miranda Rosalind- Shakespeare
    Miranda Evangeline- Uncle Tom's Cabin
    Miranda Charlotte- A Room with a View
    Miranda Lucille- On the Road
    Miranda Pearl- The Scarlet Letter

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    I really like Miranda Catherine. Do you very much prefer this spelling? Because you could always do Katherine for different initials. I think Miranda Katherine looks just as nice.

    I think the previous poster went for back to back literary, but most of them are vintage too. Some other ideas:

    Miranda Victoria
    Miranda Violette
    Miranda Vivienne
    Miranda Caroline
    Miranda Clementine
    Miranda Genevieve
    Miranda Scarlett
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