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Thread: Judge away

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    Summer- though I'd only use it for a middle name
    Mirabelle- so girly and pretty
    Cecilia- I prefer Cecelia, but I seem to be the only one so...
    Sophie- a bit too trendy right now, but I still love it
    Thea- just perfect. I especially like it as a nn for Theodora, but its fine on its own
    Cosette- so girly and love the Les Miserables connection
    Aria- trendy but I loved it before it became trendy
    Connor- I've always liked Connor, its masculine and will grow with the child
    Lucas- love it
    Rhys- so cool and I love the spelling

    These ones are okay:
    Addison- too trendy and I don't like -son names for girls
    Rosaline- its pretty but I prefer Rosalie
    Arabella- its pretty but its not my style
    Juliet- I just can't get over how stupid the character was in the play. The name is pretty but because of the play I can't do it
    Calla- I like it, and I like Calla Lilies but I'm not sure I love it for a name
    Alyssa- I used to really like this one, but now its just okay. I've found names I like much much more.
    Eve- I think this one is overrated. And Idk I wouldn't want to be named after the woman who screwed the whole world over.
    Belle- Its okay, but I can't get over the Disney princess
    Gwen- its okay, a bit nicknamey but...
    Nova- We have a college nicknamed Nova near us, which my brother was going to last year, so that's what it makes me think of.
    Catalina- its okay, nothing special
    Savannah- I used to really like this name, but now I don't like it that much anymore
    Clementine- I think this one is overrated too. It makes me think of fruit
    Winter- I prefer Summer and Autumn over Winter as far a season names go, but its okay
    Autumn- I like Summer more than Autumn as a name, but I think its still pretty
    Finn- overrated and trendy, but its okay
    Trevor- I like this one, its a bit nerdy but its cute
    Avery- Nothing special. Plus I know boys and girls named Avery, and I prefer names that are either really masculine or feminine
    Jackson- trendy, I know quite a few Jacksons
    Isaac- Trendy for a biblical name, its just okay and the meaning rocks.
    Hayden- sounds trendy right now, and I know a few Haydens that are older than me. One has Down syndrome so that's what I think of.
    Asa- Its not really masculine and I worry that someone would say Ass-a
    Alfie- I think its a cute nn, but not on its own

    The other ones I really didn't like.
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    Autumn - It's okay, not a favorite.
    Summer - I can tolerate it. Autumn is better.
    Mirabelle - Miralax.
    Addison - All the -son names are so masculine. I don't get why people use them for their daughters.
    Copeland - This is a girl?
    Rosaline - Sounds gothic to me, not sure why.
    Arizona - No. I don't care for place names as given names in general, but this one is extra bad.
    Arabella - I don't understand why I've heard this name so much on nameberry. It sounds fake, like the name of an elf in fantasy novel or something, not a good name for a real child.
    Cecilia - I think this is old-fashioned in a stylish and pretty way. I wouldn't use it personally, but I think it's nice.
    Eve - Again, I wouldn't use it, but it's nice.
    Juliet - It's pretty, but I don't like the association.
    Calla - The flower is prettier than the name.
    Alaska - See Arizona.
    Alyssa - I think of Alyssa Milano. This name is not my style.
    Venessa - I think the correct spelling is Vanessa. Also not my style.
    Belle - My favorite Disney princess! I wouldn't use this name for a child, though.
    Anya - I like this name. It's unusual, but not crazy obscure.
    Gwen - I <3 this name a lot!
    Nova - No go.
    Jordan - This is a masculine name. And not even a very good one.
    Catalina - This is an alright name. Again, not my taste, but I approve of it for other people.
    Atlanta - See Arizona and Alaska.
    Sophie - I like this name. Classic and cute. It has become so popular, though.
    Savannah - Strongly dislike.
    Clementine - I actually adore this name. A guilty pleasure.
    Alva - I don't know.
    Aviana (Avis) - I'm tired of all the -ana and -elle names.
    Thea - I don't know.
    Lennox - Makes me think of Mary Lennox, the main character for the Secret Garden. This is a surname, not a first name.
    Cosette - This name is alright for other people.
    Eponine - This is too out there for me.
    Aria - I strongly dislike this name. I can't understand the appeal.
    Sutton - Another surname. I don't like last names as first names, especially for girls.
    Winter - Of the season names, this is less usable than Autumn and Summer. More usable than Spring, though!
    Clover - My BFF used this as her daughter's middle name. It's cute, but not for a real person. Sorry, bestie!
    Alba - I don't know.

    Casper - I actually really like this name, but I would never even dream of using it.
    Reeve - Nah.
    Christopher - I like it. It's very common, though. Not very special.
    Finn - I like it, but I think it's a little overrated and overused.
    Trevor - I have never been a fan of this name. There's nothing wrong with it per se, I just don't like the sound.
    Rebel - Is that really what you want your child to be?
    Connor - See Trevor.
    Avery - I think it's okay, but you might want to think twice using it for a boy these days. It's becoming popular for little girls.
    Lucas - Nice name. I wouldn't use it myself, but I definitely like it for other people.
    Ransom - No.
    Jackson - Not a fan. It's a last name. Jack is okay, though.
    Isaac - It's okay.
    Cain - Not a great association. Also, it sounds like the word cane.
    Hayden - I stear clear of -den names (Aiden, Jayden, Brayden, etc.) Overused and overrated.
    Asa - I don't know.
    Alfie - It's sort of comical.
    Harold - Old-fashioned. I actually really like the nickname Hal, though.
    River - I accept this as a name about as much as I accept Summer and Winter.
    Cricket - You probably shouldn't name your kid after a bug. It could be cute nickname though, for the right boy.
    Rhys - Not crazy about this one. I just don't care for the sound.
    Hudson - Another last name. Not a fan.

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    Autumn, Summer & Winter: Out of all the months and seasons; these are my least favorite. I prefer August/Augusta/Augustus out of all of them.
    Mirabelle, Arabella, Rosaline, Belle: All these have similarities to each other. All of them are girly and cute.
    Addison: Can't stand it. Very boring
    Copeland & Sutton: Both are last names, but are still very cute!
    Arizona, Alaska, & Atlanta: State and city names aren't original and just terrible. Sorry!
    Eve: Oldest name in the good book! Lol! But very pretty. Definitely would consider using for my own.
    Juliet & Cosette: Both of these names are both on my absolute favorites list. I love them even though I would spell Cosette as Cozette.
    Nova, Lennox, & Eponine: All these names are daring, but BEAUTIFUL.
    As far as the rest: Cecilia, Calla, Alyssa, Venessa, Anya, Gwen, Jordan, Catalina, Sophie, Savannah, Clementine, Alva, Aviana (Avis), Thea, Aria, Clover, Alba) I would never ever consider using.

    Casper: Too common
    Reeve, Christopher, Finn, & Trevor: All of these are (eh,nah) except Christopher. Christopher is acceptable in my book.
    Rebel, Ransom, River, & Cricket: Badass! Love it!
    Connor, Avery, Lucas, Jackson, Isaac, Cain, Hayden, Asa, Alfie, Harold, Rhys, Hudson: All of these are way too common and boring to me.
    Currently searching for that perfect name...

    The Favorites For Now (constantly change):

    Esperance, Dagny, Victoria, Isis, Aurora, Astoria, Calypso, Pearl, Photini, Circe and so forth..

    Zayden, Ambers, Phoenix, Gabriel, Barnabas, Ethan, Roman, Sol, Auden, Oleksander, Jensen, and so forth...

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    Autumn - love as a middle, but as a first, it's not very practical.
    Summer - just ok.
    Mirabelle - too trendy. Following all the bella/belle trends and trying too hard IMO.
    Addison - don't like -son names for girls.
    Copeland - don't like at all.
    Rosaline - prefer Rosalind.
    Arizona - don't like
    Arabella - same as Mirabelle
    Cecilia - beautiful
    Eve - don't like at all. The long first E is annoying to me - Eeev. I prefer Eva. It just sounds prettier
    Juliet - love
    Calla - love
    Alaska - don't like
    Alyssa - love
    Venessa - Vanessa is gorgeous and one of my all time favorites. I don't see a benefit to replacing the a with an e.
    Belle - love
    Anya - love
    Gwen - prefer as a nn for Gwenyth
    Nova - cute, but wasn't it a car?
    Jordan - like for a boys' name
    Catalina - cute and Cat and Lina are cute nn options.
    Atlanta - don't like
    Sophie - love
    Savannah - love
    Clementine - too fruity
    Alva - don't like, but Alma is better
    Aviana (Avis) - not my favorite, but I don't hate it
    Thea - cute
    Lennox - no, that's my fine china set!
    Cosette - don't like
    Eponine - don't like
    Aria - love
    Sutton - don't like
    Winter - pretty, but I like it as a middle
    Clover - don't like
    Alba- as in Jessica Alba. Don't like using famous surnames as first names. It seems cheesy.

    Casper - associate it with ghost. What about Jasper?
    Reeve - makes me think of Christopher Reeves. See Alba above.
    Christopher - solid, strong name for a boy
    Finn - love
    Trevor - just ok
    Rebel, Ransom, Cain, Asa, Alfie, River, Cricket - don't like.
    Connor - nice
    Avery - I think the girls have taken this one.
    Lucas - nice, strong name
    Isaac - my favorite from your list
    Hayden - see Avery.
    Harold - too Harold and Kumar for me.
    Hudson - love
    Rhys - just ok.

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    Autumn - love as a middle
    Summer - Don't like
    Mirabelle - this is a sweet name, but I'm not sure I'd use it on an actual child. It seems more like a dolls name
    Addison - don't like
    Copeland - don't like
    Rosaline - I generally love Rosa-names, but this one just doesn't do it for me
    Arizona - don't like
    Arabella - Like! Much better than Mirabelle too
    Cecilia - Well, I got this as middlename and I gotta say I find it uninspiring
    Eve - I prefer Eva, but both are very pretty and usable
    Juliet - Not a fan
    Calla - Don't like
    Alaska - don't like
    Alyssa - Reminds me of Silent Hill
    Venessa - I like Vanessa, but Venessa looks misspelled or like a misspelled Venetia
    Belle - Not a fan
    Anya - Don't like
    Gwen - Like!
    Nova - Great name! I love this and would consider using myself
    Jordan - Reminds me of Katie Price, which is a negative of me
    Catalina - Very cute, but not a lot of nn potential. Yea Cat and Lina, but both of those are quite uninspiring to me
    Atlanta - don't like
    Sophie - Prefer Sophia
    Savannah - love
    Clementine - Don't like
    Alva - On the fence here
    Aviana (Avis) - Neutral
    Thea - Not a fan
    Lennox - not for a girl
    Cosette - don't like
    Eponine - don't like
    Aria - love
    Sutton - don't like
    Winter - pretty, but as a middle
    Clover - don't like
    Alba- I love Alba! I don't think its "cheesy" at all. It IS a name after all, meaning either white or dawn. I think its a great name, but it doesn't get a lot of love on Nameberry, unfortunately.

    Casper - Good name, but prefer Jasper
    Reeve - Neutral
    Christopher - Find it uninspiring. Good middlename tho.
    Finn - Neutral
    Trevor - Don't like
    Rebel, Ransom, Cain, Asa, Alfie, River, Cricket - don't like.
    Connor - Neutral
    Avery - Neutral
    Lucas - I like it, but prefer Luca
    Isaac - Good name =)
    Jackson - I have a love/hate relationship with Jackson I can't quite explain =/
    Hayden - don't like
    Harold - Don't like
    Hudson - Don't like
    Rhys - Neutral

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