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    From your list--which I like more--I think Arden Kate or Norah Kate would be gorgeous! Norah goes a tad better with Owen, since Arden gets shares the same sounds, but both would be nice.

    I was going to suggest Clio (since your husband had Cleopatra) but it doesn't sound like it would work with your last name.
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    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Well out of both lists you both like Kate. You like Addie and your hubby likes Addison. I know you said that you don't want a name that can be shortened to a nickname but you could meet in the middle with your Hubby and do Addison Kate nn Addie. You both also have Maggie and Mae on the lists. Well you could do Maggie (and instead of Mae) Faye. You could also do (instead of Maggie) Megan Faye.

    I personally like Brynn (and Brynna as a first name; Brynna Faye as a full), Callie, and Mia of of your lists.

    I also like (as suggestions for fn):
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    I love Arden Kate

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    I see the only names you both like are Maggie, Mae, and Kate. You like Addie and he likes Addison, and Addie could be a nickname for Addison. Addie is also like Abby, one of his choices. I suggest Addison Mae and Maggie Kate. I personally prefer Maggie Kate.
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