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    Love love love Thora!!!
    Mommy to
    Nils David * Serafina Ann

    Zia, Lorelei, Elowen, Vera, Adeline, Cordelia, Zorah

    Judah, Peter, Fredric, Olin, Dean, Jonah

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    I think they are all lovely choices but I really love Frida Eleanor! They are two of my favourite names at the moment!

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    I too think Frida Eleanor the most inspired. I like Franca very much too, but am less sure Eleanor is the right mn.; Maybe Franca Lenore? Thora isn't my style, and while Edit is great, I have to second those who don't like it with the mn you've chosen.

    And it's going through a little trendy phase, righ?. I think you are much less likely to meet another Frida or Franca than another Edie--if that's important to you.

    Both will grow up nicely too. Edie can be cutesy, and Edith frumpy (until it fully sheds its old image a grows a new one). Whereas Frida and Franca are ageless.

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    Love Franca and Thora.
    The suggestion of Franca Lenore is divine!
    Perhaps Thora Mirabelle?
    Good luck

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    thank you for all the feedback! It's very interesting to hear everyone's opinions on the names. I really love all of them, but you are right about some of the combinations not being perfect. However, I chose Eleanor because I love the name and the history, so I probably wouldn't change it to a similar name. But I definitely have some things to think about. Such a tough choice!

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