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    Feedback on Strong/Uncommon Name List

    Hi! My husband and I are working on narrowing down our name choices. We both like names from the past, usually with strong meanings, and names that our daughter won't run across on a regular basis. Petra was high on our list for a long time, but as I get closer to my August due date, I can't see using it for our daughter anymore ( I try to imagine calling her by the names when she gets older). Here are our top picks right now. I really like all of them. I would love feedback on names and combinations listed. Thanks!!

    Edith "Edie" Mirabelle

    Franca Eleanor

    Frida Eleanor

    Thora Antonella

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    Love Frida Eleanor. I like Frida Leonor better though.

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    I like Edith, Mirabelle and Eleanor as separated names much. As for combos:
    Edith Mirabelle - fine flow, though I don't really like the repeating "i".
    Franca Eleanor - I am not very crazy about Franca and, again, not very pleasant repeating sounds. Francesca Eleanor or, even better, Frencesca Elinor is more for my liking but I guess it's not something you are going for.
    Frida Eleanor - the name flows fine but Frida and Eleanor have so different styles! Frida is more strong Roman while Eleanor is vintage classic. Maybe Frederika Eleanor or Frida Helen?
    Thora Antonella - just not my style but the name sounds very pretty. I would prefer Theodora though but it's just me.

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    Franca Eleanor to me is beautiful. It has an elegance and sophistication to it, but I can also see the name Franca (maybe even nicknamed Frankie - one of my favorite nicknames ever - on a small child).

    I like Edith as a close second, though for some reason Mirabelle is not my style at all. I love the nickname Edie!
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    I dig Frida Eleanor. I mean, Frida, as in, Kahlo, and all the history of Eleanor... where can you go wrong? Plus it sounds good.

    Pretty A-Okay in my books.

    The rest pale in comparison for me...

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