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    Does this nickname sound too forced?

    Claudia nn Clia. I know it works but I'm wondering since it isn't an established nickname if it would come off like I'm trying way too hard. Does it sound silly or cute?

    (Sorry, I know I already asked about this in another thread, but maybe I wasn't clear about my question because most people just told me if it works or not, when I already know it works I just wanna know if it sounds stupid or not haha)
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    I don't think it sounds stupid. I like unexpected nicknames, e.g. Hattie from Tabitha and there is nothing wrong. A lot of people go by nicknames that have nothing close to their names and it's alright. Again, example: my daughter's name is Cornelia but one of my family members calls her Masha and it looks like she likes that nickname
    The most horrible thing may happen with unusual nicknames is people asking where it comes from but I guess it's not even a problem. Clia from Claudia feels like you just dropped the "aud" part - not that forced you see and neither "trying too hard". I guess you can never try too hard as nicknames go.

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    I personally love it. But it also sounds like the kind of name someone might like and for some reason the kid decides otherwise and you'd never end up using it. It's hard to decide nns in advance where kids are involved.
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    Claudia nn Clia is absolutely adorable. However, I do think for non-name-nerds, that it may sound a little bit forced.
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