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    Looking for boy name suggestions

    Hi girls! Just thinking for the future about baby names and I can't come up with any boy names that I love.

    My girl list:
    Felicity (#1 for the future)
    Penelope (a close second)
    Matilda (nn Tilly)
    Tessa (nn Tess)
    Stella (popular but so cute)

    Ideas of boy names I like but would love more suggestions

    Sebastian - nn Seb/Sebbie/Bash!
    Everett - NN Ev/Rhett
    Silas - getting trendy though
    Milo - So cute, but nicknamey
    Oliver - Too close to Eloise?
    Jonah - Adore it!
    Levi - sad that it's getting popular

    Thanks berries!
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    I love Sebastian and Everett!

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    Well I adore Sebastian. But I think thats on the rise for popularity. I'm hearing that more and more it seems.

    I also really like Milo from your list and don't think its too nicknamey at all.

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    Thanks! Hmmm. Even though Sebastian seems popular (although probably not where I live because I never hear it around) it may still be my favorite. It embodies almost everything I'm looking for. Handsome, old fashioned, classic but still interesting, great nn's, has a nice flow but still masculine. Boy names are so hard for me! Haha
    Me + hubby = One prince and two little princesses <3 <3 <3. So in love with our family and our new little pink bundle!!

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    Wow! You and I have very similar taste in names! I love pretty much all of the ones on your list. Other suggestions:

    Mom to Alexander Patrick (11), Madelyn Esther (8), Genevieve Susan (3), and Theodore James (stillborn at 37 weeks on February 3, 2014). Expecting #5 (a girl) in May 2015 -- Penelope Bridget.

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