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    Sophisticated, sassy, unusual and also guilty pleasures...need some inspiration

    My new list is under construction right now - I just can't find something I love. A lot of names I collected through pregnancy don't appeal to me anymore and almost nothing seems as fine to mine ears as my daughter's name to use. So I need your help ladies!
    Some of my newest crushes include Amandine, Aemilia, Caledonia, Sophronia and Proserpina but I am not super crazy about them and I am not sure if they fit with my baby's name(she is called Cornelia).
    What names fall under the description of sassy and sophisticated for you? Share your ideas, I appreciate any help! I am really at loss for inspiration because I am always busy since Nelly's birth and have little time for books and names.
    Also, I would like this thread to become a place to share your guilty pleasures and crushes. Please feel free to share any names you love

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