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    Sibset with Maura and Patrick

    (I have posted about this before, but the question is a little different this time. TIA)

    We have a daughter named Maura. We don't need any boy name suggestions because if we ever have a son we're 100% set on naming him Patrick. I think Maura and Patrick go perfectly together and both names have special significance to us. If baby #2 is a boy, we're done. In fact, before we had Maura we agreed we only wanted 2 children period, but DH has told me that if baby #2 is another girl he would really want to try one more time for a son. The problem is, there aren't any other girl name that we both like that go with Maura and Patrick (since we want to keep that option open). We have tried to agree on other Irish-flavored girl names to go with our last name (Mc____a) and fit the sibset, but there is nothing else we both love (that isn't already used by another family member.) I love Colleen but he doesn't. Plus, my nephew is Cole and I don't know if that is too similar. DH suggested Bridget/Brigid and I tried to come around to it, but then people pointed out "Frigid Brigid" and "Bridget the Midget." We can't do that to a kid! There are plenty of non-Irish names I'm sure we could agree on, but my concerns are 1.) would a non-Irish name go well with Mc____a as a last name? and 2.) wouldn't it be strange to potentially end up having 2 children with Irish names and 1 in the middle that doesn't belong? Suggestions?

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