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    Do you think it is okay to start calling a baby (10 months old) a different nickname than you were previously calling her? Or would that be too confusing for a baby? Thanks!

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    I would think it would be okay- even if she gets confused, it's more important that they have the best nickname for years to come rather than a bit of confusion when they're a baby. Just my thoughts on this.
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    I don't think it would be that confusing. My daughter has about 4 nicknames she gets called regularly and she's had no identity issues

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    I call my 12 month old a lot of different nicknames (all silly ones, we only introduce her by her full name) and she always knows when I'm talking about her. I think your baby would get used to it. My daughter is named Maura and her grandpa likes to call her Mo. He came to visit for the first time a couple month ago and it rubbed off on me and now I call her Mo-mo a lot. She never seemed confused by that.

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