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    I like it, I automatically think of it as a nn for Parker. Plus Parks Benjamin flows really well and it is a family name so it holds special meaning. I say go for it. Plus I think it is super sweet you two discussed children/names when dating and chose it. Its all meaningful which out ways the other factors IMO. Plus I am not a fan of the other names. If you are super concerned then I would do Benjamin Parks like @brigid16 suggested so you still have the family name in there.
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    Hoping to have a little Ragazzo or Ragazza soon.

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    If I heard it at the playground I'd privately think it was kind of odd. I agree that Benjamin Parks is better.

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    Another vote for Benjamin Parks. Then you can call him either?
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    I love it! I think it is a differnet name, but it is a family name. I am a sucker for family names...especially those that are different.

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    I think it's wonderful. I'd imagine Parks would be a little rascal who's also a charmer.
    I don't find it at all "out there" but as a Southerner I'm used to unusual surname names.

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