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Thread: Edmund

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    I love it!!!

    We plan on using it if this baby due in August, is a boy. We are going with Edmund James (james after my brother). Whenever I tell people I get genuine positive feedback from men and women. No one has negative comments (like with my girl options). I always ask if people like Edmund with u or o, and it seems women prefer Edmond. I still way prefer Edmond to Edmund but my husband and nameberry feedback have convinced me of Edmund.

    I don't know why I find Edmund so appealing bc I don't care for either Edwin or Edward at all!
    I love nn Eddie.
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    Edmund is my second favourite boys name. I have always paired it with Hartley, though the second middle is subject to change. I have had Edmund Hartley Xavier and Edmund Hartley Fox on my list. I also love the Eddie nickname.
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    Reading Fiammetta's Edmund Hartley combination, I thought to myself "Edmund Hillary sounds really wonderful.. I'm going to suggest that!" Then I realized I was thinking of Sir Edmund Hillary, the famous climber of Everest. Whoops!
    With similar sounds:

    Edmund Humphrey
    Edmund Timothy
    Edmund Valery
    Edmund Zachary
    Edmund Flannery

    Edmund Hesperus

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    Oh, I love Edmund!
    I always think of Edmund from Narnia! It's a great name and a great character!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dindlee View Post
    Love Edmund. Wish it worked in Spanish because I would use it in a heartbeat!
    Why not Edmundo, then?

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