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Thread: Penny & Lila

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    I think Penny and Lila work as sibset. It's super cute and stylish.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Apr 2011
    I like Penny and Lila as a sibset! (Coincidentally, this morning I talked on the phone to both a Penny and a Lila)
    Penny Anneliese
    Lila Felicity

    Penny Aurelia
    Lila Genevieve

    Penny Miranda
    Lila Clementine

    Penny Blythe
    Lila June

    Penny Matilda
    Lila Rosalie

    Penny Maeve
    Lila Tamsin

    Penny Camille
    Lila Mireille

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    I have a Lila and her middle name is Grace. I know another Lila whose middle name is Evangeline. Not crazy about Penny. Is it short for Penelope?

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    Both names exude sweetness to me so together they are adorable

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