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    I actually dig Riddick, even though it is a name for a popular movie franchise.

    Breckin, I'm sorry, I just really hate. Nothing sounds attractive to me whatsoever. And kind of sounds like "Wrecking".

    You definitely seem to like more "out there" names.

    What about

    -Broderick (sounds kind of similar Riddick
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    I know a little boy named Riddick and it fits him just perfectly. Breckin is okay but when I hear Breckin I want to put on a country sounding voice and say Reckon.
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    I knew there was a 2004 Movie - but that is a little different than a movie coming out as 3 weeks after you give birth. I also don't like the "Dick" part and would have likely gone with Ridic - just as we changed Dashiell to Dashel. People around me don't say Ridic for ridiculous - not sure if that is regional or because I hang around 30 - 40 year olds

    Thanks for the suggestions. Broderick is cute but seems like that name should be in the family tree to use.

    I know a lot of people use Breccan over Breckin now but I believe that it was Breckin first. Either way - I tried the cc spelling out with my husband who vetoed. Let me know if you think of any others.

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    Sorry that Riddick isn't an option anymore. Though I do think it sounds like ridic (ridiculous) and I can't et behind Breckin it reminds me too much of brackish water.

    If you like the ic/ick ending of Riddick (which I clearly adore) you might like: Emmeric, Alric, Cedric, and Yannic
    If you like the strong r sounds of both Riddick and Breckin and the in ending of Breckin you might also like: Bordin, Camerin, Gorin, Corvin, and Larkin
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    Well you should know that Riddick has more history than some movie. It is a variant of Reddick which is a very real surname. Reddick is also the name of a town here in Florida. Depending on your accent Riddick and Reddick sound exactly the same. And in the early 90s there was a boxer named Riddick Bowe. He was a huge deal because he beat the undefeated champ, Evander Holyfield

    If Riddick is still out, I think Roderick/Roddrick/Rodric or Cedric are good alternatives.

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