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Thread: Baby boy #2

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    Baby boy #2

    Our first born son is Brooks, which is a family name. We want to go with another family name. What do you think about Rollins for our second little boy? What impression does this name give off? Thanks!!!

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    Is it pronounced Rawl-ins or Roll-ins? I don't really love it, but I do like that it is a family name. Do you have any other options on your list?
    I really love your first son's name, btw.

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    I think Rollins works well with Brooks. I think it has the same preppy vibe as Brooks.
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    I like it! the only thingit reminds me of is Henry Rollins from The Rollins Band but I dont think thats a bad thing.
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    Thank you! It's pronounced Rawl-ins. We'd probably call him Rolley (like Raleigh). No other options at this point, my husband and I can't agree on anything!

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